Geez…this is the tough stuff.  I like to use three periods in a row…alot…to show pauses in my thoughts…kind of like those moments when you look up, midthought, and let those synapses fire as a new line of thought pops into your head…yeah, that kind of thing.  In Bugs Bunny cartoons (and the Grinch cartoon) its usually followed by little devil horns popping up out of their forehead.

A huge obstacle in my life has been this kind of stuff.  You know when people ask you to introduce yourself and tell the crowd something interesting about yourself…well I am never able to do that.  So, maybe something interesting will come out of this blog who knows.

Well about me…

I grew up in B-Town NC…Eastside T&C baby!  Unless you went to high school with me, you have no idea what I just said, except for the NC thing.  I grew up in a Southern Baptist church…you know the one with three major tenets of their faith: the Bible is the inerrant word of God, each individual interprets scripture (“priesthood of the believer”, I think its called), and that total-immersion baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the only sacraments we observe.  Then there’s the Southern Baptist Conventions which just shoots the whole priesthood of the believer thing out the window!  But there will be much more discussion on these types of things in my posts (oh snap! I just started a sentence with “but”).

 I enjoy most any type of mainstream (I guess that’s what you would call it)music except for techno (huh?) and new country because thats just people in cowboy hats singing pop music with a fake twang.  I love old-school rock (Zep, Hendrix, Cream, Who, etc.) and blues (Muddy Waters, Albert King, John Lee Hooker).


-My wife…much love for you Boo!

-Linda Carter (I wanna meet Wonder Woman!)

-Rachel Ray (She can cook! true path to a man’s heart)

-Erin Gray (She rhymes with Rachel Ray and if I ever get into polygamy Rachel Ray would be my cooking wife and Erin Gray my Sci-fi wife and my current wife would continue to be my best friend even though I make sexist statements like “cooking wife”…The sky would always be blue, stars would always shine bright, NCSU would have a decent football team for at least 3 years running, it would rain doughnuts and sausage wouldn’t be the heartless killer that it is today)

-Janet Reno

-Walks on the beach

-Cops (the TV show)


-Socks that won’t stay up

-Crunchy food

-Fans that change and pull for winning teams (i.e. people joining “Red Sox Nation” in 2003 when it was “fashionable”…I give ’em 2 years until they start pulling for the Orioles)

-People that tell me racist jokes just because of my accent

-People that act like janitors are their own personal butlers

 Sports-wise…I am totally un-athletic, therefore, I can talk sports like crazy…to an extent.  I mean, I’m not Bob Costas or anything, but I try.  I like the Cubbies, the Bears (I have good reasons…the Chicago thing is just a coincidence) and NC State, so I know how to be humble…REAL humble.

 My idols?  Well read the blog and maybe you can find out…

 Well that’s it for right now…I should add some more as it comes to me.



  1. Janet Reno?

  2. You have to know our boy Todd.

  3. Hey there Todd! Thanks for remembering me! And thanks for remembering “48 WGGT The Great Entertainer!”

    I run into lots of people who watched my old Kung Fu movies by Run Run Shaw on “Billy Bobb’s Action Theater”. Ahhh…those were the days…

    I hope to put highlights and bloopers of my old TV shows on a website soon! But I need to find a user-friendly web design program first…!

  4. I love the photo at the top of your blog. It reminds me of the UK. Where was it taken? (Region, State/Province, Country?) I’m curious, as it looks a lot like Wales…very beautiful.

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