Posted by: toddzilla | January 13, 2009

A little braggin’

If you’re all excited about a new Toddzilla post (bless your heart), don’t get your hopes up.  This is just a quickie to remind you all of my August 6 post where I made the following seemingly crazazazy assertion:

My crazy off-the-wall pick for BCS glory this year?  Well I want UGA to take it all (well only if NCSU doesn’t surge), but UGA’s schedule is a beast, so I’m picking Florida.  What the hey…

Well, how ’bout dem apples baby!  I got something right.  As we say down souff…the sun shines on a dog’s butt every now and then!  YEEE-HAWWW!

My next prediction for the future: Flying cars.



  1. This is the worst post you’ve ever put on this website.

  2. sigh. i pray for cheryl on a nightly basis.

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