Posted by: toddzilla | August 6, 2008

Who’s in charge here?

It has been over a month since my last post.  I should be fired.  So much for the Pulitzer this year.  Please, dear reader, accept my humble apologies.  I took a week-long vacation then followed that up with two intense weeks of catching up on a major project at work and, honestly, that’s the time I do my writing…at work (don’t tell the boss).  That mental stress has sapped my creativity, so I’m hurting for post ideas.  As always lemme know if there’s anything you wanna hear about.

I do have a few Roundup-type ideas banging around my empty head.  Let me spew them forth.

Technology- I’m on the Facebooks now!  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m on there.  There’s a lot of stuff going on in Facebook land.  Bumperstickers, flare, pokes, and quiz invites.  So if you sent me an invite and I don’t respond, it’s because of ignorance….ignorance on your part for sending me that stuff in the first place.  I was on one night and suddenly this chat window popped up and it was someone from the youth group.  Then I get this wall message and like 5 or 6 friends are sending me requests…I was so hot on the facebooks that my wife was hatin’ because she wasn’t getting that kinda play.  Nawdimesayin’? This lasted for about 24 hours…then the friend requests dried up.  Now my wife is getting friend requests out the ying-yang…and get this…some of them are from old boyfriends/crushes!  I ain’t sweatin’ it cuz I know my loving is the stuff that dreams are made of.  So I’m not worried about my girl.  But isn’t there something, I dunno, iffy about that?

Baseball- How about them Cubbies?  Sweeping a streaking Brewers club to gain a 5-game lead and on the same day…the Red Sox traded ManRam.  Will this be the end of the Red Sox Nation?  It would be fine with me.  Granted, I must give credit where it is due.  Baseball has received a surge in popularity of late and I honestly feel that is due to the Sox winning it all in 2004.  But I’m ready for a new dynasty.  But back to the positive fanship…the Cubs have a solid starting pitching lineup with Harden producing good ERA numbers and hoepfully getting a little more run support.  The relief pitching has been a bit sketchy but Marmol seems to be settling down and hopefully Wood can return to form off the DL.  The infield…the infield has been a beast!  On the field and at the plate with Ramirez putting together clutch hits and Lee delivering power to go with Theriot and DeRosa producing as well.  Combine all that with the revived power of Soriano and a clutch Fukodome…I like!  Let’s see what they can do.  The weak spots are the iffy relief and lack of a true leadoff man.  We’ll see.

Fooh-Baw- Did somebody say something about fooh-baw?  Sweet!  I’m so ready for it.  Ready to sit my lovely daughter on my lap and teach her the harsh brutal truth of the cold reality that is…pulling for NCSU.  It’s good to teach her humility early right?  My crazy off-the-wall pick for BCS glory this year?  Well I want UGA to take it all (well only if NCSU doesn’t surge), but UGA’s schedule is a beast, so I’m picking Florida.  What the hey…

So, yeah, I’m still alive but apparently a lot less funny…thanks for checking in…I’ll come up with something halfway entertaining soon….I hope


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