Posted by: toddzilla | February 5, 2008

Shameful, inglorious post of the month

Schadenfreude-(yeah, I had to look it up before I could spell it)  You know, more German words need to make their way into the American lexicon.  According to, this word should be pronounced along the lines of “shad-en-froid-uh”.  I just want to say that it conversation!  Enough about that, onto the actual schadenfreude…I was worried two months ago that I would bring into this world, a beautiful little girl whose first major sports experience would be a Patriots Super Bowl victory.  We patiently watched several playoff games together…waiting for either the Pats to lose or for a true contender to emerge from the NFC.  Neither had apparently occured…until Sunday, when the Jersey Giants unexpectedly sealed the deal.  Thank you.  You see there are a lot of bandwagon Patriots fans, “diehard” since 2001 (just like the overflow of “diehard” Red Sox fans…fans since 2004).  But I am a diehard, true in each sense of the word, Patriots hater.  card carrying member since 198-friggin’-5!  That’s 23 years of hate and it can’t be good for my health.  As a small impressionable youth, Refrigerator Perry, Walter “Sweetness” Payton, Mike Singletary, Jim McMahon et al combined with the SuperBowl Shuffle galvanized in me an affectation towards one Chicago Bears team.  In Super Bowl XX, the Bears trounced the Pats and it was a thing of beauty (save for Ditka rushing Perry into the endzone instead of Payton).  You see, during the course of their 46-10 beatdown the Pats resorted to fisticuffs and pettyiness out of frustration.  That has stuck with me.  Combine that history with 18-0*, Bellicheat, HGHarrison, and Boston/New England and you have an unhealthy dislike on my part.  So here’s to you NY Jints!  Thanks for doing what the pro-football world has wanted for so long.  Here’s to you Arlen Spector, may you find indisputable evidence that the Pats cheated in ALL of their Super Bowl wins (on the taxpayers dime of course…but that’s another story)!  Here’s to my little Layla…woo-hoo!  Daddy’s sports world is already looking up and pitchers and catcher report this month…are you ready to watch some baseball little girl?

Wow, I am so shameless, dragging my girl’s name into all this and teaching her hatred so early in life.  Somebody stop me!  I know, I know…I shouldn’t revel in others’ misfortunes, but can’t I?  Just this once?

Other Super Bowl thoughts-So, we can’t see Janet Jackson’s boob, but the powers that be greenlighted the racist panda ad?  Holy cow!  The Chan Clan was selling me a website!  That was awful.  What’s next KKK Laundry Services?  I’m not a Political Correctness enthusiast by any means, but that was over the line.  Did anyone catch any actual insight from Joe Buck or Troy Aikman other than Aikman’s proclamation that if the Giant’s got the first down on a third and long, that the next down would be a different situation?  Why did they keep showing Peyton Manning during the trophy presentation to Eli?  The shots during the game were cool, but during the award presentation?  C’mon give Eli some credit here.

That’s all for now in this jumbled poop of a post.  Thanks for reading!  Sorry for disappointing!


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