Posted by: toddzilla | February 5, 2008

Ain’t to proud to beg

Why do people tell me that “ain’t” ain’t a word…it’s in the dictionary…what does a dictionary contain?  Words!  So, word to ya’ muthah…”ain’t” ain’t not a word.  With that in mind, would the sentence “People tell me that “ain’t” ain’t a word” be a double negative?  Anyhoo…My brain well is running dry unlike my daughter’s diapers…she pooped through the back of her sleeper last night (while I was holding her of course)…the poo shot up the back of her diaper like a dookie bottle rocket and soaked through her onesie and her sleeper…and my hand!  Of course, Cheryl had eaten chili-beans the night before…and I get stuck paying for her transgression.

 What was I talking about before I got sidetracked with poo…oh yeah, my noggin is running out of ideas.  Why don’t you guys/gals leave me some topic suggestions in the comment section…maybe I could put together some inane rant or story for my own and your entertainment.  Puh-leeeeease!  I know you’re dying to know my thoughts on <insert topic here>!


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