Posted by: toddzilla | January 5, 2008

Holy Cow! Where does she keep it all?

First off, here’s a little bit of gratuitous baby picture-ation


I may be just a bit biased, but dang she’s cute!  Thank goodness she took after her mother!  She looks like she’s doing a Dr. Evil impersonation.  This picture was taken by me during our early morning Daddy-daughter time when I would take her downstairs and try to let Mama sleep some.  I miss that time already (I’m back at work).

Cheryl took our little Layla to the doc this week and she’s grown up to 21 + inches and 9 lbs 14 oz.!  That’s almost 10 pounds!  She’s almost double digits!  Sure, I’ve noticed parts of her filling out (namely her stomach), but 10 lbs.?  I was wondering where that all came from until one night this week when Daddy picked her up from a nap.  She was a bit groggy to say the least, barely opening her eyes and moping about until, in an instant, her eyes opened.  I, thinking that I had finally woken her up, started to yap about something when she let loose a massive poo (poo being the technical term for bowel movement).  I mean she sounded like a capuccino machine on high speed.  After releasing the aforementioned diaper abomination, she immediately rolled her eyes back and let her head fall back in deep sleep.  So she just woke up enough to let Daddy have a furious flurry of doodie.  Apparently all bathroom functions go on hiatus during sleep.  For example, oftentimes when waking her (and apparently no actual poo is present), she grunts and groans and stretches.  Arching her back and raising her arms above her head and then she lets fly with about 20 to 30 seconds of gas.  Unadulterated farting.  It’s like a John Bonham drum solo going on in her diaper.  Of course, being the mature individual that I am, I giggle uncontrollably like a schoolgirl.  Farts are forever funny.  “Where’s the beef” ads?  The Budweiser “Whassup”?  Ellen Degeneres (oh wait she was never funny)?  All these funnies come and all these funnies pass, but farts…they entertain forever!

Layla is sleeping about 5 hours the first night shift and about 3 hours each shift afterwards and Cheryl is the biggest trooper for hanging in there!  She tries to let me sleep more since I’m back at work and Layla has gotten to where she likes to fuss a bit before going to sleep.  I try and try to calm her, but Cheryl has the touch.  It’s an adventure.

 I must give a big shout-out of thanks to Sarah’s mom for giving us an Indianapolis Colts pacifier in a vain attempt to undo my ongoing indoctrination of my child towards the affectations of such lovable losers as the NCSU Wolfpack, the Chicago Cubs, and the Rex Grossman-led Chicago Bears.  It was a very thoughtful gift and it will definitely be used, I mean Peyton is a good rolemodel, right?

As always thanks for keeping up with us!



  1. Don’t go down the road of letting others change your child’s sports viewing habits. Next thing you’ll know she’ll be watching a team that shoots a gun off after every touchdown. Not that I wouldn’t know such a team. (cough)West Virginia(cough)

  2. It was the least I could do, to try and influence your BEAUTIFUL daughter in proper sports indoctrination long distance from the Yankee state of Indiana! I hope I get to meet Layla in person in May.

    Sarah’s Mom

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