Posted by: toddzilla | December 13, 2007

Labor of Love (a play-by-play of the big day)

Allow me to take the liberty of stealing David Bowie’s song title to apply to our new life with Layla…and Daddy’s new role as it comes to diapers…

Let me start this off on the right foot with a piccie!


Here we are at home having what Mommy calls “tummy time”.  Well, this is post-tummy time picture time.  Anyway, I have been waiting for an opportunity to update the ol’ blog with our good news and many life changes and there is so much to write, so I hope I don’t ramble (as if…).  Let me start with our labor (yes, I did my part too!).  Cheryl started having small contractions Tuesday night (the 4th), but they really kicked in Wednesday morning at around 3:00 am.  They were strong enough to wake her and came about every 10 minutes with a few 20 minute interludes.  Wednesday, I had to go to work and leave my poor wife contracting (is that the right use of the term) at home alone.  Sometime around 3:00 the next morning, the contractions were 5 minutes apart for an hour, so we called the doc and he told us to wait a bit!?!  So we waited 40 more minutes and I decided that it was time to hit the road!  Cheryl’s contractions moved to 2 minutes apart during our drive and she got admitted to the hospital at 4:00 am Thursday morning and that’s when the fun began!

This is a long post, so as always, click on “More” for the rest of the story

Cheryl grunted through the contractions until about 7:00 am when she took a magic carpet ride on some stadol, man…That’s some good stuff.  Stadol works fast in an IV and that face she made post-stadol infusion was very Droopy-esque.  She actually filled out a cord bank questionaire while doped up.  I wish I had double-checked her answers.  It was hilarious watching her think and slowly check the questions off, then set the clipboard down and dose off only to wake up real quick and grab the pen and keep trucking like nothing happened.  The only other time I saw her sleep like that was when we were conceiving, but that’s another story.

Anyhoo, the contractions kept coming and come to find out the baby was already “+1” when we checked in.  Now what does that mean?  Well, if Cheryl’s uterus was a football field with Layla starting out on the fifty yard line and the 20 represents the time when pushing usually starts…well Layla was already on the fifteen!  Unfortunately Cheryl’s cervix was applying a very tight red zone defense and Layla’s forward progress was going to be hindered until dilation set in.  At 10:00 am, Cheryl was dilated to 4 centimeters and she went into a very tough stretch of painful contractions.  She hung in there until she found out at 12:30 that she was still at 4 cm.  That’s when we okayed the epidural.

Thank the good Lord for allowing man to stumbled onto the medicinal secrets of an epidural!  The doc popped that in and cranked up the pump and Cheryl was golden!  She was hooked up to a contraction monitor that showed her uterus movements as curves (like a uterine seismograph).  I was watching that monitor going up and down and Cheryl was all chill…talking on the phone and hanging out.  At about 8:30 pm (yes…8:30 pm about 41 hours of contractions) she got what the Doc called an epidural “hot spot” meaning she could feel the contractions.  After so long, you can imagine that she was ready to get this done.  The nurse did a check and there was still some cervix present, but the uterine defense was breaking down.  At 9:00 pm, Cheryl was in so much pain and fatigue that I went out to find the nurse in blind hope that Cheryl would be dilated.  The doc checked and by God’s grace, the show was on!  It was time for the snap and a halfback counter up the middle for the score!

Cheryl was ready to get this done because by the time the nurse and me (or would that be the nurse and I?) got her legs up into a very unladylike position and the next contraction hit, she pushed like a champ!

Now I didn’t think that I would be able to do this, but when people are involved that you care so much about, well I just had to check it out and see everything that was going on and, oh my dear, there was a lot going on!  I could see a little tuft of hair and it was on.  Cheryl and I had seen films where they asked the mothers if they wanted to feel the head when it popped out and Cheryl had noted that she was NOT interested in looking down and seeing a head popping out.  But when it came down and the doctor asked (I was cheering like a giddy school girl at this point), Cheryl moved the sheets aside and looked down to see what was going on and smiled.  Then ZOOM! (how’s that for some onomatopoeia) out comes an arm and it was all done then!  Touchdown!  Layla popped out and Daddy cut the cord.  They let Cheryl hold her briefly then took her away to clean her up.  Daddy got to hold Layla while the Doc fixed Cheryl up (I think she was getting jealous of me getting to hold Layla).  Soon enough, Cheryl got to hold her and feed her.  It’s been wonderful ever since.

 As always…thanks to all of you for keeping up with us!  Stay tuned for more!



  1. Such a cute picture!!! Congratulations guys!!!

  2. She is beautiful! I have a present for her. I am coming to visit soon!!! Maybe today??? How exciting.

  3. That baby actually looks like she’s smiling! You all look very happy.

  4. I know you are a dad now by the first 3 sentances “daddy” “piccie” “mommy” “tummy”. Are all your words going to end with a hard ‘e’ now? Congrats, guys, she’s beautiful, just like Todd.

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