Posted by: toddzilla | November 6, 2007

A little roundup action

Editor’s note:  I apologize in advance for this craptacular post…but I cannot stand to go so long without putting something up for you, my gentle reader: 

This fall season has been fairly quiet for me.  Cheryl has been sneaking her episodes of Gray’s Anatomy when I’m not around and that’s just fine…All was well in the world, I was blissfully ignorant of the trite goings-on in the world of trashy female-oriented television, well that is until last night.  That’s when Cheryl cranked up her latest pile of TV poo…The Women’s Murder Club.  Guh!  Apparently the entire precinct (I guess that’s what it is, I wasn’t paying much attention but there’s cops and lawyers and all kinds of junk going on in this place) consists of women with one older guy and the main character’s ex.  It is a nauseating mix of CSI, NYPD Blue, Boston Legal, and Sex and the City.  I’m a little sick just writing about it.  There was one scene where the main chick was discussing an autopsy with another chick and they were going rapid-fire CSI-Miami style discussing the victim and how a broken Xiphoid Process (I don’t even care if I did misspell it…take that grammar!) must mean that the “perp” attempted to resuscitate the “vic” so that means one of three things…(this is the point where the main character would say “accident” then the other would mention “or the perp had a change of heart” and then they would both drop “or they were tortured”…seamlessly…too seamlessly.  Nobody could possibly come up with that conclusion with such twinspeak timing!  But the kicker was the quick jump from torture to “how’s your love life Mrs Main Character?”  Which led down the path of her putting her job ahead of her personal life…so on and so forth…My stomach is churning just reliving it.  How could you balance CSI with Desperate Housewives and cram it into one show with such polar dialogue swapping!?!  Do I sound elitist?  Chauvinistic?  I apologize. I just don’t see how that writer sleeps at night.

Wanna know how the nursery looks now that I’ve decorated?  Interested in a search term that was used to find my corner of this here interweb?  Click on the jump because that intro paragraph just plain sucked and came off as really stuck-up!

The latest on the lil’ one- Five Weeks!  That is what is left until our due date…Holy Cow!  It is starting to hit home and the nerves are kicking in.  I am about to be blessed with the biggest gift I have ever been given.  Then I will have to take it home and take care of it!  No instruction manual…my wife will be uber-tired, this kid will have an alarm that goes off continually with no means to tell me what it needs…and I gotta take care of it!?!  I pray for patience and strength.  I’m a little nervous.  Add to that, the prospect, nay certainty that sleep will be a sweet, sweet dream in itself and my lack of experience in this area and I may be a bit frazzled.   Oh well, I keep telling myself that ALL parents have gone through this, so I have a chance of managing…then I see my partner, my teammate and I am reassured.  I just hope that I can help her and not be the Cubs to her Yankees in the post-season.  Well, having said all that, here are a couple of pictures of the crib after I decorated it Saturday (Cheryl was working on the budget, so I tried to do this to surprise her).  Here is a poor quality (phone cam) picture of the nursery (nursery_all.jpg) and here are a few of the crib and our farm theme (nursery_crib.jpg , nursery_crib2.jpg , nursery_crib3.jpg)  That’s George the Giraffe in the crib on the left in the last picture (wow that’s a lot of prepositional phrases!).  I bought him for Cheryl’s birthday last year when Junior was just a discussion and I was hoping to be able to use him in our nursery…We are blessed.

How did they get here-  I love the Dashboard here at WordPress.  Some poor soul typed in “British words of wisdom” and they were teleported here…?  Well, I’m not sure how you got here, but here are some British words of wisdom for you (from a naval saying during the darkest days of World War II): Stay calm…and carry on.



  1. I think I would poke my eyeballs out if I had to watch that show. Seriously. I think I would rather watch reruns of Perfect Strangers.

  2. Some times I hate being a woman,- it’s because of shows like this!…that and The Holiday…

  3. Just so everyone knows…. Todd doesn’t have to watch that show. He was in the kitchen changing his watch battery and I offered to shut it off and he told me I could watch it.

    Honestly, I think he secretly enjoys these shows!

  4. I believe he secretly enjoys the shows too. Otherwise he would have no material to ever write about for his blog.

  5. I think you’re right, Cheryl. When I watch Grey’s Anatomy, Ed sits next to me and pretends to be on his laptop, but he gets into the show more than he’d admit. They aren’t fooling us one bit!

  6. SPOILER ALERT (kinda):

    Last night Cheryl watched a DVR-ed Grey’s Crapatomy and I sat down to eat supper (I got home late) and there was a scene where they mentioned a baby and a mother. I had seen a grand total of 30 seconds of the show…the mother was on the operating table and with my mouth full of a delicious sausage tortellini pasta dish, I made a neck slashing motion and pointed to the mother. Sure enough..a minute later…dead. What is it about that show and keeping children from mothers? They should call Bambi’s Momma and some sleeping around Anatomy. Of course the rest of the show involved slow music and my wife crying.

    Sarah- Is the wonderful world of medicine that sleazy? I mean is there that much “action” going around? I should have become a nurse! I would be mackin’ hard with those easy interns!

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