Posted by: toddzilla | October 31, 2007

Time for some sap

Contrary to what my rough, manly exterior, rugged charm and good looks may imply, I do have a soft side…though it usually only shows during Charlie Brown holiday specials and taco dinner night (why don’t we capitalize the word “taco”?  There can be no more proper noun than “Taco”.  I move that we capitalize Taco.  I want to change my name to Taco.  Tacozilla!).  Back to the sap…Cheryl and I have had the pleasure and joy of being the guests of honor at two showers (and Cheryl will have another at her work).  We have been the beneficiaries of mountains of much needed presents and even maternity clothes (they have been such a blessing!)  and that has made our little journey so much easier.  Even though the amount of material goods has been unbelievable…copious even (another cool word…copious), we are truly overwhelmed by your earnest outpouring of friendship and love.  For that we are copiously grateful and I regret that there is no  way to actually show that gratitude in its entirety to all of you.  Please take this as a modest start at best.  To all our friends and family, to those that made the time to stop by (especially you husbands and boyfriends…showers are typically no-man’s land as they should be), to those that have pulled me aside and taken the time to pass on your hard-gained wisdom about parenthood, to those who have comforted us with their knowledge and have shown us by your example the immense love that parenthood brings, and to those whose love has made us smile and warmed our hearts and comforted our fears and worries…Thank you all.

 I can only pray and hope that we may be able to return in any way the smallest fraction of the love and joy that you all have given us!

Thank you all,




  1. I have to second this. We both feel truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you for everything you have done for us and our baby. We love you!

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