Posted by: toddzilla | October 26, 2007

Some pics and words of wisdom

Maybe….just maybe this will be a quick post.  Who knows.  First the pics.  I’m gonna try my linking best to link, linkfully and linktastically to our photo page.  Hopefully it will work.   So, do you wanna see the nursery before and after pics?  Well here is the “Before” picture(nursery_before.jpg).  Here is a “During” picture (nursery_during.jpg).  Here is a picture my wife took to nag me emphasize the fact that I am not as safe as I should be(nursery_safe.jpg) (did you notice how I was gettin’ Jiggy wif’ it?  Huh?  Did you see that?  I’m using a jigsaw…gettin’ jiggy with it?  Yes?  Too dated?  Too lame of an attempt to be “cool”)?  Oh well.  Here’s the putz master and his work(nurserymaster.jpg)  (notice the sigh-inducing famer’s tan and how it is highlighted by my old t-shirt and smoking hot silky-smoove legs!).  The plastic on the floor?  yeah, I was having bladder problems that day.  Here (nursery_here.jpg) are a few pics (nursery_pics.jpg) of the final work (nursery_work.jpg).

Sticking around for the words of wisdom?  Here they are (with a little backstory first).  We were watching the Today show…um…today, and they had a teaser about Miss England being told to gain some weight prior to the Miss World pageant and I lovingly mentioned that I wanted to see the interview because chicks with British accents are hot!  I love how they over-pronounce (or rather we under-pronounce) consonants in the middle of words, especially “T”s.  That would make my fascination with British accents Naugh-TEE.  Yes!  For some reason, Cheryl wasn’t too thrilled with that so I made sure to comfort her in the fact that her Canadian Buffalonian accent is hot too!  I love how she says “ipples” and wears “pihnts”.  Oh yeah, that’s got the ol’ blood boiling.  “Put down that “ipple” and come check out my hot “pihnts”.  ROWR!!!!  Anyhoo, I may have compounded the matter by (when Cheryl wasn’t looking) adding the words “English Accent” to the grocery list that she was making.  I thought it was a cute gesture.  From then on this morning, she kept talking to me in her version of a British accent, which was of the cockney variety.  I was being taunted by the wife of a chimney sweeper apparently.  Just tought I would pass that along.  Oh and the interview?  Hot!!!  but don’t tell my ruddy wife, yah?

 So that’s the latest at our house.  What’s going on in yours?



  1. I have long debated which is hotter, a wonderful South American accent, especially Brazilian, or an English accent. Both are hot, although I do enjoy some southern accent as well, but old money southern accent not just got done dancing at The Cherry Bomb southern accent. My wife’s southern accent only comes out when she is talking to her mom (definitely not a hey I am being sexy time) or when she is working her job as pastor’s wife or wedding coordinator. (These can be hey I am sexy times, but mainly she is establishing her place as a the super polite and effervescent trophy wife). Either way, the southern doesn’t ever get busted out for me. So maybe she can work on the British accent for me or at least let me watch more Elizabeth Hurley movies!

  2. That, my friend is an excellent topic for debate. South American accents, are indeed muy caliente (I don’t know if that phrases applies in Portuguese) especially when they tell you that they are “Brah-zeel’lian”…British is very nice unless its cockney. Southern? Well I have a definite Southern accent, but it doesn’t get me any play! Oh….you mean chicks with Southern accents. Very nice. It is a mazing to me to be in NC, but in an area where you seldom hear a Southern accent! I miss it so!

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