Posted by: toddzilla | October 24, 2007

So close…but yet so far and The Magical Mystery Tour

Whew…This is a long one, so if you read all of this, then bless you as a saint and a dear friend!  The rest of you that just skim it…well forget you then (how’s that for a guilt trip?)

This old Nursery-The nursery construction…she is done.  The walls are painted, the wainscoting up, and the paint is touched up.  All I need to do is put up the door stops so I can take my jury-rigged (read rags wrapped around the doorknobs using Cheryl’s hair rubber-bandy thingies to keep the knobs from scarring the chair rail) down.  I got all this done and then moved the changing table in and noticed something right away…The table takes up a lot of room!  Our nursery is a small room and the table eats a lot of the space up.  I put the frame of the crib together and, yep, we’re getting a little tight in here.  Especially if we want a rocker for to lull Junior to sleep while he nuzzles Cheryl’s warm bosom.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  What was I talking about again?  Oh yeah, the room is gonna be busy, but it will work.  Nurseries aren’t really meant to be playrooms so much as utility rooms.  You gotta have an efficient workflow from crib to changing table to chair to burp and back to sleep.  We should have that covered with very few steps necessary.

The other “d’oh” of the night came when I put the slat bottom in the crib and saw the runner split as I tightened the screw.  Due to an unfortunate placing of wood grain, the runner must have split during drilling and it couldn’t be seen until the screw was threaded down.  So, I’m in the process of getting that replaced.  Hopefully, that will go well.  All in all, we are pleased, but it serves as a bit of a reminder…

Want more insight into my scary mind?  Click on “more” as usual…

You see, I have been totally stoked about looking at baby stuff!  Registering has been a blast (this is noticeably different from our wedding registry…I thought then “how bad can it be to pick out stuff for people to graciously buy us?”  Boy, was I wrong!  I was having to pick stuff to match a house that we didn’t even have yet!  Of all the wedding stuff…I tried to hang tight with everything and Cheryl gave me a pass on the flowers…  I just had to give up on the registry.  Thankfully some of her friends helped…I just couldn’t do it.  But I can write insanely long parenthetical asides!).  So, yeah, I love registering for the kid’s stuff.  In so doing, I have been reminded of how caught up we can be in material things.  They have so many goofball gadgets for kids (bottle warmers, wipe warmers, table covers, shopping cart covers) it can get a little overwhelming.  So, sure, working so hard to get that wainscoting up and then moving the furniture in to the point that the wainscot was all but covered up was a bit disheartening.  But, I look at this ultrasound on my desk that Cheryl framed for me and, well, I can’t help but smile.  My coworkers probably think I’m an idiot.  Well, they probably thought that before, but I guess now I’m a smiling idiot.

I honestly don’t even know what I’m trying to say…I’m excited and anxious to meet this new personality…to see myself and my wife in another being.  But I’m scared as well.  I have this kid depending on me!  Of course Junior is depending on Cheryl, but she has her stuff straight…she is golden (no pressure sweetie!).  Me, well I know Junior and I will have fun and be all kinds of stupid…But can I stand up to the pressure of having someone depending completely upon me?  I hope so.  I look forward to the challenge!

Tour Time!- Or as Cheryl says (in her Canadian accent) “too-er”.  She told me that we had the hospital “too-er” coming up and I asked her “Two or…what?”.  Yeah, I can be a wisenheimer like that.  Anyhoo, we “too-erred” the labor and delivery area of the hospital last night.  It seemed very nice as one would expect, but I wasn’t placing too much emphasis on how up-to-date the decor looked or even how big the Delivery and Postpartum rooms were.  I was scoping out the nurses!  No…not like that!  Have some faith in me.  I was checking them out to get an idea of how personable they seemed and how dedicated they appeared (yeah, I know what gives me that right…).  I’m always scouting people.  What was my litmus test you may ask? (I’ll pause and give you time to ask yourself that)  Now why are you talking to yourself?  Okay, what was my big test?  Well, there were two families there with small children and I figured that if these nurses dealt with kids all day, how do they approach these kids now?  I would suppose that one of the best qualities for a nurse would be a true caring heart.  Well if these nurses deal with kids all day as part of their job, do they attempt to care for these kids tagging along on a tour even thought they don’t have to?  Well they did.  It was the little social cues that I picked up on that let me know that these nurses really did care about kids and ipso facto, their jobs and my kid too!  I design control systems all day and when I get home…I don’t want to work on a computer anymore.  I figure if labor and delivery nurses deal  with kids all day…why would they be this sociable to strangers’ kids if they didn’t care?  A little birdie tells me that a few nurses read this here blog…so hopefully they will set me straight if I missed the mark.

This post is already long, but this needs to be said…I respect anyone who will work for a living.  There are plenty of ways to make more money doing shady things, so don’t take this the wrong way all you working folks out there whose professions I don’t mention…But there are a few fields that people go into and for that, I truly respect them.  Emergency personnel for obvious reasons, nurses, and teachers.  sure there are others but these stand out to me right now…at this moment.  Nursing is not glamorous!  Caretaking is not glamorous!  Combine that with the ridiculous hours and you got somebody working hard and paying a high price to do it, so you must have a genuine concern for others, either that or you must be messed up in the head.  Teachers are the same way, but the delineation between doing that as a job and doing it because you care may be more defined.  I don’t know…I am probably speaking out of my tail.  Teachers get no pay, no thrills, and lots of grief.  But they keep doing it and I respect that.  Of course lots of them get like…3 months off each year, but I suppose they earn that and it’s not like they’re getting paid then.  So thanks nurses and teachers and EMTs for all you do!

Okay…let me reign this in some…I’m excited about our nursery, our hospital, our nurses, my wife’s parenting skills, the challenge to my own (non-existent) parenting skills, and the prospect of fighting pure exhaustion.  I’m excited about all these things because every parent I’ve talked to has made extra effort to ensure me that it’s all worth it.  I am honestly accepting that on faith.  That’s why I’m excited.

 Thanks for reading all this!



  1. Todd,

    Don’t let your co-workers give you a hard time about the ultrasound photo. Saturday I found myself looking for several moments at the ultrasound of my niece and couldn’t help smiling. Of course, this was after I found the thing.

    You’re going to be a great dad. I can’t wait to see you in a few years when junior starts to date.

  2. I’ve only just read this wonderful log of your family’s journey and thoroughly enjoyed it. The thought and hours of work you documented are priceless; your baby is one fortunate little customer to have such delightfully ‘human’ parents and even a daddy who is a REAL man who isn’t afraid to speak his heart. I remember putting a crib together decades ago…is there ever all the pieces in the first box? Or, as in your case, splitting wood…but eventually the nursery comes together, you fill it with the bedding that you think the baby will like, or that secretly you think you would have liked way back when. Congratulations to all of you.

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