Posted by: toddzilla | October 15, 2007

Am I a slacker?

Wow!  It’s been a while since I posted and I sincerely apologize to my readers – errr- reader.  I was seriously planning on following up the ol’ urine test posts with a few quick ones to at least move that junk down my main page and end my poor wife’s embarassment (sorry dear).  But I do realize that the only way to end her embarassment would be to quit showing up in public with her.

So…I’m sure you are all asking yourselves “Gee, I wonder what the latest news is with those two?”  Well, brace yourselves, because here it is…(click on it for the full-size version because I lack the talent to make it look decent in this post)…


Yeah, the picture quality is poor because I took it with the cellio, but here is the closet door to the nursery after I managed to slap up some wainscoating and some yellow paint.  I still have to clean the stuff and touch up the paint (read cover all that wood putty because my miter joints stunk…do they have arthritis medicine for poor miter joints?  Was that pun as bad as it sounded when I typed it?).  Not enough poor picture/trim carpentry for you?  Well, here’s another pic…(give it the ol’ click for a full-size version)…


Again, Sorry for the poor quality, I will try my best to upload some decent pics later.  We have the major work out of the way and just need to touch it all up then we can move the crib and changing table in and then start the fun part…putting all the over-the-top-cute stuff all over the walls and hopefully a bookshelf.  We have had one shower (we are blessed with many friends and family who are already planning another!) and we racked up on homemade quilts, onesies, stuffed animals that are sooooo soft that it’s a crime (because there is no way that they will stay that soft, so I can’t touch them for fear of depriving junior of their softy goodness….kinda like my stomach…softy goodness…with fuzz…man fuzz that is), toys, rattles, bath stuff, butt stuff, bathing butt stuff, stuff to bathe butts with, stuff to coat butts with, stuff to cover butts with, stuff to keep covered butts from chafing, stuff to keep butts dry, stuff to keep butts moisturized, stuff to keep butt moisture off the carpet/parent/furniture/bedding,  etc., and a diaper bag (something to keep all the butt stuff in).  Man, a lot of baby’s early life and the products intended for that phase revolve around its butt!  Diapers, wipes, butt paste, powder, and even the onesies open for easy butt access! 

Still no tubmarine sighting…maybe said tubmarine has that stealth technology that they talked about in Red October.  So, I’m still waiting for the tubmarine (not to sound like an ingrate or anything…I’m just saying…).

I almost scored a small moral victory Saturday when I convinced Cheryl to let me open the baby monitors.  They came charged and ready to go, but, sigh, I had to put them back in the box when I suggested that we go ahead and put the receiver in the nursery so I could order a milkshake from the kitchen when I was painting.  What else are you supposed to use those things for anyway?

Enough of the consumeristical stuff…I don’t want it to seem like everything is revolving around the cute/cool stuff for baby…Time for the all-important joys of maternity story of the week.  Cheryl went to the state fair with her brother and his family this Saturday and she was tired when she got back.  I had been working in the nursery and, you know me, I ain’t about to turn down a nap (it’s not like I’m gonna get too many chances after December).  So we laid down on the couch, a feat that used to be pretty easy but something’s going on and space is becoming more scarce with each passing day. Well, I let my lovely wife occupy the back of the couch while I laid up front with her belly at my back.  It wasn’t long before I awoke to a flurry of kicks to my kidneys from Junior (who loves to play while mommy’s asleep) and the sound of Cheryl in her deep breathing/pseudo-snoring phase that college football on TV tends to induce.  I’m very, very thankful that she can sleep through a livign being kicking her from the inside, but it was so much that it kept me awake!  Of course, I didn’t mind at all.  I think it was the first missed nap, that I enjoyed.

Oh yeah, one more thing…I gotta go to breastfeeding class tomorrow night!  I tried and I tried, but I just gotta go (a pregnant chick can be very persuasive).  So, now I gotta sit around in a group of gals with engorged breasheshesheshes and talk about said breasheshesheshes and maintain a completely professional demeanor!  I don’t know how well many of you know me, but I tend to get stupid around boo-bays.  So, I’m sure I will have to watch videos of children latching on and restrain myself from cheering for the lil’ fella.  Then sit there and furrow my brow all serious like while a lady tells my wife what to do with her “tot-taps” (do you like that one?  I just came up with it off the top of my head).  Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.  Maybe I can bring you an update on it, but I do very poorly with following up on promised posts.

That’s the latest from our house…thanks for being interested enough to read this copiously long and rambling post, highlighted by immature references to knockers.  Thanks to you all for keeping up with us!



  1. I give you 10 minutes before you’re kicked out of the class.

    Nah, I know you’ll be on your best behavior. The room looks great. I’m enjoying the yellow. Glad to see Junior will not have to sit through N.C. State Red and Black.

  2. my crystal ball says the tubmarine is in your near future!

  3. Wow, Todd, the room looks great! I wish you the best of luck in the class. I bet there will be some other giggling dads there too…

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