Posted by: toddzilla | October 3, 2007

Is this urine or mine (Part II)

For you faithful readers out there, I promised a follow up post to let you know how Cheryl’s 24 hour urine sample testing procedure went…well, thanks for coming back for an update…you sickos!  How do you sleep at night with such dirty curiousities?  Do you wanna know how it went?  Well, here it is (for once, I’m delivering on a promise) Click on the jump to find out!:

On the day of our first baby shower, my poor wife had to carry a bottle around with her…all day…in a styrofoam cooler…and whiz into it.  Well, technically she didn’t whiz into the bottle, but, frankly I don’t want to get into all the MacGuyver-esque details of transporting said whiz into aforementioned bottle.  This post is sick enough as it is.  We had one bag of ice that had to keep this stuff cool all day, so first thing Sunday morning I put half of the ice in and carried the cooler upstairs for my sleeping beauty to have at her, ahem, disposal.  I felt the cool air coming out from under the light lid and felt the need to use my heat transfer knowledge (I’ve had five classes on frickin’ heat transfer and out of all of my engineering training, none of which included train driver’s ed., I use my heat transfer knowledge the most..can’t nobody keep coffee hotter longer than me baby!  Can’t nobody keep the women hotter longer than me…HEY!  Can’t nobody teach me no proper grammer either and can’t nobody write longer parenthetical asides than me!).  Okay where was I, oh yeah, I realize that our styrofoam lid needs a better seal to keep the ol’ whiz cold, so I grabbed an old textbook and placed it on the lid to weight it down some.  What book did I choose you may ask????  My Fluid Dynamics book of course!  HEY-YO!  Ooooh Golly I’m hot today!

We hauled that thing around all day and wouldn’t you know…she passed just under a half a gallon!!!  A half gallon o’ the good stuff!  Holy Cow!  I was worried that we would have to stop at the gas station and pickup a gas can to use.  Anyhoo, we got it done and Cheryl, as always, was a trooper as she put up with my goofing around so well and she even chimed in with some of her own.  We heard “Genie in a Bottle” in the car and she started singing “I hafta pee pee in a bottle baby”.  yeah, she’s got a sick sense of humor.

Checkup on the checkup– We had another checkup and baby and momma are doing great!  All the vitals are good and baby’s heartbeat was around 150 bpm.  Right in the middle.  What are we working with here Peanut?  Do you have a handle or not?

Thanks again for reading guys and gals!  You truly are wonderful to us and we both appreciate your care and concern!



  1. 🙂 that is a lot of pee! glad you got it done.

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