Posted by: toddzilla | September 19, 2007

What you all have wanted to see…some skin!

Before you run away screaming, it’s not my skin, well not any that a t-shirt wouldn’t cover.  I have this great disdain for wearing a shirt when it’s even a little warm outside and Cheryl has been snapping pictures of our progress as far as the nursery and putting the stroller together goes.  So each time, I have to stop her and go get a shirt, so that it wouldn’t be so sickening to you…our loved ones.  But anyway, enough chit-chat…here’s a picture of daddy getting an early start in brainwashing my child to vote against mommy when it comes to dinner choices…Did two people just vote for tacos?


“You love you some tacos Junior…You love tacos…Tacos are your friend…Tacos are grrrreat!”

Yes, I love to talk with my child in utero, but I have a problem because, apparently my whiskers are a little rough on Cheryl’s stomach.  Who’da thunk it?  I think it’s just an excuse she uses to keep me from my child already!  Cheryl be taco-hatin’!

Do you wanna see some more pics?  Check them out after the jump!

I know what you’re thinking: “Well, Todd, we know you.  We know that you’re a no-good do-nothing daddy that’s probably been sitting around watching football the whole time that Cheryl has been struggling with the third trimester’s discomforts!” 

Well!  Frankly, I’m shocked and appalled that you feel that way.  You should know up front that your statement is completely and utterly false and unfounded!  There is no football on Tuesday and Wednesday nights!  So there!  But if you are difficult to convince (a la the O.J. criminal jury), here is photographic proof that I am a mediocre father…If the wheel fits, you must build the stroller kit:


So there (notice the manliness-hiding t-shirt…I’m always thinking of you, my reader)!  After hours of thought and analysis along with multiple engineering calculations, I was able to deduce that without wheels, it would be difficult at best for this stroller to function as a suitable baby-transportation device.  With this in mind, I took the herculean initiative to install some wheels that I conveniently, yet dutifully found in the stroller box.  The stroller is now a sweet means of baby conveyance!  Daddy is looking out for you Junior.  Rock and roll!

So how does this stroller and carseat thing work?  Well I’m glad you asked (not really, but I like to be polite and seem like I’m glad you asked), so here is a photographic representation of the intricate workings of this stroller thingie:


I may need to explain the “passenger” a bit.  He is Funshine Bear a dear childhood friend of Cheryl’s (except that isn’t the original childhood friend but a reasonable fascimile purchased by myself in a weak attempt to “woo” her).  Funshine Bear has been commisioned by myself as a Lieutenant and Cheryl is left in his care whenever I’m out of town.  He is to be addressed as sir by sailors and non-commissioned officers, but answers to myself…”The Captain” of this here vessel.


“Where’s the lil’ baby lil’ buddy?” 

Well, that just about sums up the latest goings on at the house, so I will leave you with a parting picture of my lovely and talented wife at 27 weeks.  If you look real hard…squint your eyes…that’s it…make your “I’m-straining-to-see-things-face” that actually involves closing your eyes (go figure????)  Anyway, look real hard and you may see a carseat in that picture…It’s well hidden and I’m in trouble as soon as Cheryl reads this…There is also a patio dining set and a neighbor’s house in the background.


Oh yeah, my homey Jeff has set up a new blog dedicated to his little Girl Hannah…check it out here.  His blog is all sweet and stuff while mine is mean-spirited and plain stupid…Ain’t I a schmuck?  Check it out if you want positive, encouraging thoughts on fatherhood.



  1. I like Cheryl’s shirt. That must be one hot friend she got it from!

    Welcome to the world of stuff for your kids. Soon it will take over your house. We can’t wait to meet baby Vaughn!

  2. I’m actually impressed that you were able to get everything together and working properly. Way to put that NCSU dual degree to work.

    Weird man, I just spent 5 minutes talking to my brother (they’re having a girl) about the joys of Baby R Us. Uncle Shannon dropping the knowledge from the CUMC Baby Pool.

  3. What a beautiful baby bump! Cheryl, you look radiant!

    Good job on the stroller, Todd – it looks like an awesome ride… Funshine Bear looks quite comfy…

  4. ohhh! I love the baby bump!!!!!!

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