Posted by: toddzilla | September 11, 2007

Much like the Teutonic Titwillow…I’m Tired…

I love Blazing Saddles…

Anyhoo, it’s been a busy weekend for me but a good one.  I spent the weekend on a high school youth retreat and it (as usual) was a quick and efficient reminder of my mortality.  These kids are staying up past midnight like it’s nobody’s business then following it up with a day of field games and 90-degree plus Penguin Football (guys vs. girls with the guys ankles taped together).  I subbed in for one series on the O-line and got blasted by some quick and bloodthirsty girls!  You should have seen the looks on their faces when they came charging at me.  I subbed out to catch my breath then back in where I slyly played wherever I ended up after the play.  If I was close to the line of scrimmage, I would play line.  If I was back from the line of scrimmage…hello linebacker!  It gets tough, hopping around with your ankles taped together and the rest of the team half your age.  Those girls may have worn me out, but for the most part, they didn’t get my QB.  Take that!  My back and the arches of my feet (from hopping around with ankles taped) are very sore today.  It’s a good sore.  Those kids are great and we all had a great time.  Retreats are the best thing for learning names and faces and that is one of my worst abilities. 

Want more?  Well, hang around after the jump for a few updates!

Baby voting rights- I have spent the entire weekend away from my wife and my child…I really missed them and the kid isn’t even born yet!  So, we chilled Sunday afternoon and watched some football.  Cheryl spoiled me and agreed to tacos for dinner and if you know anything about me, it’s that I love me some tacos!  Well, Junior was pretty quiet all afternoon so I decided I would see if he recognized Daddy’s voice.  I put my lips to Cheryl’s stomach and cooed a bit and goofed off then I asked if Junior likes tacos and…KICK!  Cheryl got a kick out of that (literally and figuratively).  When she quit laughing I asked Junior if he wanted more tacos…KICK!  So, I’m 2 for 2 on household decisions with Junior backing me up.  Hopefully, this trend will continue.

I had to get my stroll on- I finally got to put the stroller together!  It’s pretty sweet…nice and light with a mack-daddy basket under it (Cheryl wanted a big basket and what Cheryl wants…Cheryl gets).  Cheryl wanted a ring…a wedding…a house…a baby…a super-hot sexy hubby lover-man…a stroller with a big basket…etc. etc.  And she got ’em all!  What a lucky gal.  There’s got to be a website out there where I can order some 24″ rims for that stroller, so me and Junior can get our hustle on up in the Bull City.  Roll down the sidewalk and pick up some shawties (I’m talking some fo’ real shawties cuz they would be like 6 months old and, you know short and stuff).  Maybe Junior could bust out a “Kang” Cobra 40 oz. bottle of breashesheshesheshes milk.  Junior would just wave to the girlies and give ’em a “what’s up tee-otttttts!”

Nursery- Yeah I got to get all over this nursery thing.  I got one wall baseboarded (?) and the scarf joint for the next wall.  The ol’ first miter joint is gonna be pretty rough, but thank goodness for wood putty!  Maybe I can get a full day to work on it here pretty soon.  I have been told by my boss that it needs to be done by the first baby shower (September 30th…hmmm…can I make that date?). 

My homey Jeff had his little girl and has written a great blog to cover it all thoughout the pregnancy.  Check it out here  It’s very funny and well written (unlike the hackneyed tripe that you’re used to reading here).

Well that’s it for now…thanks for reading!



  1. Glad the retreat went well. You found the reason why I opt to use my lack of officiating skills to get out of being shown up by teenagers. Send the kids my love.

    As for the baby voting rights, if the child is agreeing to tacos, consider it a good sign you could be in the advantage, gender wise, once the little one is born. Then again, I could be wrong. And most likely I am.

  2. make sure you tell cheryl about how you got to practice your dad means business voice 🙂 you did a great job! praise God you were around for us to push around during football!

  3. Cathy-


    I didn’t even know I had a “dad-means’business” voice. I hope I didn’t overdo it.

  4. i hink the baby voting rights cant work .

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