Posted by: toddzilla | September 7, 2007

Lemme Hear Ya’ Say Hey!

I have been made aware through the grapevine that this ol’ blog may have a few female readers and that is wonderful (and admittedly perplexing because I always thought that I had nothing that the fairer sex would want to read…or see for that matter).  The thing is…I can’t get any of you gals to comment!  Now, don’t get me wrong here…some of you do and that is appreciated tremendously (I find self-worth in reading your comments and making excessive amounts of parenthetical soliloquies).  What in the world can I do to move you gals enough to drop a line for the world to enjoy?  Heck, just say hey!

I’m not one to sit idly by while someone else selfishly keeps their opinions to themself, so I am going to go out on a limb an attempt to get in touch with my feminine side in order to try to open communication with all of my readers (you lovely, patient, gluttonous bunch you!).  Hmmmm, where can I start?  Click on the jump to find out….

My embrassing habits- I know you gals love you some celebrities!  My wife was trying to watch Extra last night and I immediately turned it to American Justice because I have a man-voice crush on Bill Curtis.  I wish I had a voice like that, instead of sounding like Buck Owens after a 12-pack.  Anyhoo…Where do I get my juicy celebrity gossip because, face it, we all wanna know…!  If you ladies want the hookup on the quick tip, TMZ is the place!  They were the ones that broke the Mel Gibson story and I’ve been hooked ever since.  So what’s the latest?  Lemme check it out…Should I be doing this at work?  Heck and to tha’ no!  But for you, anything…Let’s see Michael Jackson is dropping a new song.  If it ain’t got that Thriller zombie claw move, then I ain’t wasting my time on it!  Ummm…Britney is going to perform at the VMA’s this year! OMGaw!  I am totally expecting something like Joe Cocker crossed with the gravelly-voiced lady behind the counter and the Circle-K Quik Mart.  A few years ago, me and a buddy had a bet on who would end up in Playboy first, Britney or Christina Aguilera…I had bet on X-Tina, but now I’m expecting to lose that bet and I really don’t want to see the results.  Nicole Ritchie has tried to crack a smile.  Her boyfriend is the lead singer of a once-famous Good Charlotte…he could have done better.  Halle Berry is pregnant!  I knew that…She has always wanted me…for real ‘do!

So…are you tempted to comment yet? No?  Let me just pose a couple of points to ponder in a vain attempt to garner comments (and move that post about my wife pole-dancing further down my home page)…

How about a fashion question:  Do guys look hotter in speedos or suits?  Discuss…

Did Rosie make the View better or worse?

Doesn’t Grey’s Anatomy just make you wanna cry?

McDreamy or McSteamy…or other…?

Which pant color makes football players’ butts look better White, Yellow, Blue, or Black?

What is the sport that you be most likely to watch wif’ yo’ man?

What’s in your CD player or on deck in the ol’ iPod?

Why do you ladies insist on reading books or watching movies/TV shows that make you cry?  Is it because you think about the show and what you’re stuck with in real life?  Okay that last part was meant for my wife to answer.

Well, I guess that’s enough for now…If you got nothing to say, just hollah atcha boy.  Behave yourselves and keep stopping by, maybe I will come up with something worth reading here pretty soon…



  1. 1. Guys look hotter in suits. No question.

    2. I didn’t watch the View with Rosie, but from what I’m hearing, Whoopi is just as controversial…

    3. I cry during every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I cried for days when Denny died. I love that show. I wish the people were real and I could live in their house for a week.

    4. McSteamy is hotter. Very very hot. But he is a womanizer. BUT, my prediction for this next season is that he and McDreamy will switch roles and Steamy will change his ways, while Dreamy goes a bit woman-crazy. I must say, though, Dr. Burke was hottest of all, something about his quiet calmness. It’s really too bad he got fired, because I, for one, will miss him very much.

    5. I think blue football pants look best, as in COLTS blue!! Second, comes white. Yellow and black pants make their butts look jiggly.

    6. FOOTBALL. Although my man roots for the wrong team. But how about that Colts’ defense last night?? I love those guys!

    7. Ray LaMontagne, Maroon 5, and anything Christian. Oh, and right now, a little Justin Timberlake makes my drive more fun.

    8. We love those sappy movies and books because they represent the ideal love story that we’ve grown up dreaming about. And my life is the perfect love story, thanks to Eddie.

    I love your blog.

  2. Sarah-

    Thanks gal! You are awesome…Thanks for actually answering my question, but I gotta ask…when do the Colts wear blue pants? You know I gotta kid ya’ and I will never be able to watch the Steelers or the Jaguars play again because of the “jiggly butt” phenomenom. Tell your boy Peyton thanks for hitting up Reggie Wayne (I got him on my fantasy team).

    I’m glad that Eddie is like a romance novel. I just don’t want to picture him dressed up like a shirtless pirate a la Fabio…shiver…Cheryl will definitely envy you know because her romantic life isn’t so much “Sleepless in Seattle” as it is “Beverly Hillbillies”.

  3. Well, crap, you’re right, the Colts don’t wear blue pants. BUT, note that I said that I like “blue pants, as in COLTS blue” – I didn’t actually say that they do in fact wear blue pants… Do the Bills wear blue pants?

    And who said that the Beverly Hillbillies weren’t romantic??

  4. In response to your questions….
    1. Suits are definitely better, Speedos should be banned for everyone, even you Todd.
    2. I never saw Rosie on the view, but since I like her less than I used to, she probably made it worse.
    3. I love Grey’s anatomy, but you already knew that. It does sometimes make me cry, but that just shows you my softer, more gentle side. I can’t wait for the new season! Are you ready Todd????
    4. McDreamy… I mean McToddy
    5. I waited to answer this question until I could do some research. Based on my football watching this weekend, I’d have to go with dark blue.. Yes Sarah, that is also the Bills pants color, but they do look good.
    6. Football – I actually watched it without him this weekend, and then some with him.
    7. I have a variety on my i-pod but I actually haven’t listened to it in a while.
    8. Again, it reveals our softer more gentle side. Sometimes it makes you appreciate life more, it makes you feel connected, it is empowering, there are lots of reasons.

  5. 1. Speedos would make my butt look small
    2. They couldn’t put anybody on the View that would make m watch it
    3. No I am not ready for Grey’s Neither is the DVR, in fact I think it’s broken
    4. McToddy…*blush*
    5. Yes Cheryl noted during the Chargers game that blue made butts look good…I failed to concur because I didn’t see a good shot of the Charger Girls.
    6. Foo-Baw! Base-baw! Basket-baw!
    7. I been jamming on James Brown lately
    8. I don’t know how to read…

    There, at my wife’s request I answered my own girlie questions!

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