Posted by: toddzilla | August 21, 2007

Pregnancy Brain

My wife is gonna kill me, but this story must be told.  Don’t tell her where you heard it.  My lovely wife spent some time with a friend of hers Saturday night watching girly movies.  I can’t even remember the one they watched, but they are all the same.  Either a girl meets a guy early in life and lets him slip by only to meet him again later (after yearning for him for years) OR a girl is forced to make a decision between two guys so that lifelong bliss will ensue.  Whatever movie they watched, I’m sure it fit into one of those two categories…but I digress…On the way home from said sappy movie, my wife came upon a DWI checkpoint on a road that a few of our friends live on.  Being the upstanding citizen that she is, she waited in line (probably red-eyed from sobbign over this movie) and handed the officer her license.  To which the officer kindly and patiently noted that he wanted to see her license, not her credit card.  Yes, my wife (who apparently is so used to flashing the plastic) pulled out her credit card as a means of identifying herself as a capable operator of a motor vehicle.  Either that or she was hoping the cop had a convenient “swiping” machine so that he could just charge the bribe.  It’s a wonder that he didn’t pursue a field sobriety test on the pregnant chick who thinks her credit card is her driver’s license.  I can see it now…our friends driving home on their street and recognizing my wife as the pregnant chick taking a field sobriety test.  In case you’re wondering, it was just pregnancy brain and not alcohol that led to all this.  Plus it gives me something to rib her about (I don’t have enough material as it is).  I think I’m gonna start planting cartons of Marlboros and some kitty litter in her car just for kicks!

This Old House Todd- Well I am pretty much done with the painting for the nursery, so now comes the fun stuff, trying to glue beadboard halfway plumb and making  some decent baseboard and chair rail joints.  Our poor kid…He/She will probably end up feeling like Bart Simpson after Homer tried to make him a clown headboard and it came off as something scarier than Stephen King’s “It”.  My wife was chatting to me the other day and I “huh-ed” her because I was totally zoned and no, there was no football or baseball on.  I was envisioning how I was going to splice baseboard and whether or not to put up corner blocks.

 Yeah, we may have a weird kid…



  1. That is so funny! Tell Cheryl that I can understand, because it has simply become a habit to slide that credit card out of the wallet…

  2. That’s not pregnancy brain, Todd, but spending brain.

  3. Sarah-

    I know I know! That’s what scares me. What else does she pull the credit card out for?

    Friend: “Cheryl, what time is it?”
    Cheryl: (hands her the credit card)
    Friend: “Um…”

    Friend:”Cheryl, do you know what the weather is supposed to be like today?”
    Cheryl: (hands her the credit card)
    Friend: “Um…”

    Frankly, I’m a little worried…

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