Posted by: toddzilla | August 16, 2007

I’ve Been Abused (and a few other random thoughts)

Yes you heard right!  I am an abused father…and the kid hasn’t even been born yet!  Junior has been jumping and bumping around in his/her little womb room lately and I wanted to experience some of the love that my beautiful wife was enjoying. So, I decided (wait…did I just start a sentence with “so”?  That’s grammatically suspect isn’t it?  Oh well, I got no love for grammar rules!  That’s how I roll!).  So, I decided to lean my head ever so gently onto my wife’s blossoming belly to hear what I could hear and…BAM!…I got straight kicked in the cheek!  Or maybe I got punched, I can’t really tell, but it was abuse fo’ sho’!  So far, junior is pretty quiet in the early evening hours, but as soon as Ma hits the bed for some shuteye, the baby gets all pugilistic and Momma loves it (so do I)!

Current Events (what’s in a name)- Now I’m not going to get into anything else about this ordeal, but I want to touch on one thing with the latest news about the Rutgers women’s basketball team and Don Imus.  One of the Rutgers players, Kia Vaughn, is suing Imus and that’s well and good, like I said, I don’t wanna get into it other than to make one point…I’ve known parents to name their kids after fine automobiles like Mercedes or even Porsche (Portia), but why you gonna your kid Kia?  Sure, the wifey and me have been having a bit of difficulty coming up with a name for our kid, but we haven’t really considered “Yugo” or “Pinto”.  Hey “Hyundai”!  You better put down that glass!  “Nissan”, we’re gonna sit here all night until you eat your peas!  Nah, I isn’t working for me.

Cubbies- You read it here first when my Cubbies got hot, I said something would happen and sure enough, Soriano tweaks his hammie.  Maybe he can get back in time to help lift the boys to the playoffs.  Mad props to Theriot, Fontenot, and Kendall for keeping them halfway alive.

Foo-baw- I see some pigskin on the horizon and its not my aging forehead in the mirror.  I love me some foo-baw especially college and I’m ready to stake my claim to MY television on Saturday mornings and get my football on.  Junior will be here in time to catch the bowl games and the NFL playoffs!  Suh-weet!  Now, let’s see if I can get the missus on board.

Well, sorry it was so long between posts, but that’s all I got right now.  Chew on it some and as always, drop some comments (gimme some name ideas for my kid!)



  1. First reading I thought, “hey, Kia, thats kinda pretty.’ then yeah I realized, thats a car!

    i got this from

    The meaning of the name Kia is Hill

    The origin of the name Kia is African

    Info on this name: The name of a car manufacturer.

    I wish I could give you name suggestions, we had such a hard time coming up with a boys name. We had picked out Evangeline for a girl years before we even thought about being pregnant. but a boy was hard! We finally settled on Quinn two days before the ultrasound. then found out we needn’t have worried about the boys name at all.

    Well after all that we didn’t want to give up Quinn so it will be her middle name. But hey, you have permission to use either one 😉 Good luck in your baby naming quest! Oh and my oldest two are Zane and Andrew, you could use those two. But I have a feeling you and your wife will come up with a perfect name 🙂

    My husband has been kicked in the head quite a few times. these babies are putting their daddies in their places!

  2. lols all that you have said is soo very adorable … i want to get married and get pregnant just to see if my husband would be as adorable father as you are!!! way to go, have fun getting kicked 🙂 i was a very late kid for my parents they had me after 14 years of trying and i am the only girl in their life soo i would say that your child will very proud and special if you keep a video diary of all that your feeling that they could feel as special after a while when you guys would be having fights and stuff .. my dad wrote a letter every day for me, my dad is not with me today but i read his letter twice a day 🙂 and that always makes my day

  3. knittingnoob & maliha-

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments. You, both are too kind.

    Knitting- Kia is a pretty name and I actually believe that I knew a Kia growing up (my memory fades fast). Thank you for all the research, but I’m afraid that you may raise the intellectual level of this blog too much! We are very close to having both names, but are still considering a few possibilities

    Maliha-Thank you so much for your kind words, I feel that I do not deserve them, but thank you! I know that the father-daughter bond is a strong one and I am sure that if we are blessed with a daughter then she will have me “wrapped”. I wish you the very best in your search for a husband and future father for your child. Keep reading and maybe you can get a few more laughs.

    Thanks again!

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