Posted by: toddzilla | August 3, 2007

We all live in a yellow Tubmarine, a yellow Tubmarine


I want this!  I know I know, it’s bad to lust for material things, but this thing is the bee’s elbow!  I could fill the tub and crank this sucker up and re-enact Das Boot on my other tub toys…Ach liebenshtaten!  Einen tuggen boot en die tubben!  Okay, so I don’t know German, but it sounds cool (that entire sentence is probably one huge compound word in German…those rascally Germans love them some syllables!).  Anyhoo, check out the hippo in the back row, I mean that is one cute hippo!  Maybe I’m partial because I fervently feel that large noses add to one’s cuteness (check the Flickr photos to the right for proof).  Well, the tubmarine was the first thing on the baby registry Tuesday.  It was followed by some less important stuff like onesies, bottles, tubs, bedding (of which half is not to be used in the actual crib due to safety issues), and bottle brushes (I wish I knew about them earlier, they would work great in my travel mugs-me and junior could chill on Saturday mornings…read the paper…take a few sips off the ol’ coffay/breasheshesh milk…watch the news…use a lot of periods…and think about excrutiatingly long parenthetical statements…then clean the ol’ mugs/bottles out with a bottle brush…lay back and let a couple of burps fly while we stick our hands down the front of our pants/diapers and catch up on college football…).  Maybe I should go back to Babies R Us and register for a few more of those Tubmarines so me and junior could have our own Wolfpack to threaten Britain’s shipping.  We could grow beards and learn how to sleep in 80% diesel exhaust.

Do you wanna read some more craziness including another insane ultrasound theory?  Who doesn’t?  Check it out…after the jump!…

Crazy (but probably true) ultrasound theory- I told my wife yesterday that I think our ultrasound technician may have missed the boat on our child’s gender.  She mentioned that our baby’s legs were crossed, but I checked the pics…I think we have a boy and she just mistook his “handle” for a leg.  I’m sure that’s it.  That’s why I’m prepping for coffay and bowl games with junior, which after looking at the ultrasounds, I may have to refer to as senior…that’s my boy!  Cheryl?  She’s not as enthused about my theory as I am, but I remain confident.

Parental abuse (already!)- I got headbutted last night by my kid!  Cheryl shook my shoulder and giggled as she moved my hand to her stomach and I felt junior headbutt my hand for the first time…It was awesome!

Pondering- We went up to B-Lo last week to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding (a beautiful affair with a beautiful bride) and I noticed, in Pennsylvania on the way up, a corn maze and it may me wonder…Would Native Americans call that a “maize maze”?

Well that’s it for now…Hollah’ atcha boy in the comments!



  1. You are going to be a great daddy.

  2. I sure hope Daddy can separate from the tubmarine long enough to let his child enjoy it!

  3. See the joy in becoming a father is now you can officially get all the baby toys and test them out. You can tell the clerk that you are just buying the toys to check for safety “for the little one.” But of course you’re just buying them for yourself.

    Where did you see the corn maize at? Ya’ll didn’t drive that whole way did you? If you did, my word that’s a long trip. Then again, anytime I drive through the Western portion of Pennsylvania I get a little sick, especially when you come out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel and see the Evil Empire staring at you face-to-face.


  4. Cheryl-You’re right…we need to register for TWO tubmarines! The USS Nautilus and the USS Alabama!

    Shannon-We didn’t go that way…what was it 79 through PA I think. Yeah, we went through some odd-shaped mountainous state with an obssession with blue and gold then into PA.

  5. Well, at least you were able to see some of the finer views in the country before going to the land of bumpy roads, Laboratory, Pa., and The Stache.

  6. 3rd leg theory…. you wish. Cheryl is going to have to open the windows to accomodate your head. : )

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