Posted by: toddzilla | August 2, 2007

Has anybody here seen the movie “Alien”?…

…Because I saw a replay (well almost) of the final scene…on my couch Tuesday night!  Me and the wifey were chillin’ on the couch and she starts giggling all crazy-like.  I look up and ask if she’s okay and she points to her stomach and tells me to watch…Then all of a sudden I see a little flesh wave on her stomach!  Freaky!  The kid is moving inside of her AND it’s showing on the outside of her!  Junior has been moving around like crazy and it’s so cool!  It never ceases to amaze me.

Yeah, I could never make it as a woman.  The thought of having something alive inside of me wiggling around to the extent that I could feel it and eventually SEE it too, would freak me out.  Mad props to all you ladies that have done that or are prepared to do that.

Anyhoo-As you can see on the right and down a little, I finally put up a Flickr photo set that mostly includes my wife’s stomach.  Coincidentally the pics are in four week increments up to week 20 and she just expanded miraculously and seemingly overnight in week 21.  So it doesn’t really look like much on this page.  But wait until the next set of pics (all you crazy people that enjoy seeing women’s stomachs expand with living things moving inside).  Enjoy the pics and try not to make fun of me too much…for looking like an idiot in any and all situations as is evident in the pics.

Tomorrow’s a big day!- We have our appointment for our ultrasound and, hopefully, we will be able to know the sex of our baby.  If it’s a boy…I hope its friggin’ obvious!  Like POW!  It’s a boy!  Nay,  A man already!  Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.  We’ll see how it goes and I will, of course post up the results.

Well that’s the latest baby stuff…hopefully, I will have an update soon.  I do want to take a little to time to seriously thank all of you who read this stuff.  Like seeing my child move and hearing my wife giggle as the baby does it, it is also very reassuring to me that there are so many that read this blog to follow up with us and our joy!  I thank you all!



  1. I’ve got my money on it being a girl.

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