Posted by: toddzilla | July 19, 2007

How Did They Get Here #2

Well, I checked the ol’ blog stats and the “Search Terms Used” to find my blog are taking a bit of a weird turn.  Apparently Daisy Duke, Linda Carter and “Shiny Pantyhose” are gaining momentum as a sure way to find the ol’ blog.  That’s a bit scary…especially the pantyhose part (how does Google know I wear them on the weekends?).  Here is a breakdown of a few terms used to get here this past week:

“Linda Carter/Wonder Woman”- Linda Carter…if you’re out there and you stumble across this lovely patch of the interweb please know that, apparently, there are a lot of weirdos that search for you online, so hide!  I, of course, would be willing to take you and your bright blue eyes in!  When I did my “Ode to Rachael Ray” post a few weeks ago, I got some link-love from a Rachael Ray blog that pointed out how I misspelled her name (zoinks!).  Maybe, just maybe Rach got a peep of the site here and maybe…just maybe Linda will too!

“Bears Cheerleaders”- I got news for you pal…the Bears haven’t had cheerleaders for 22 years…sigh.  But they got Rex Grossman!

“Cubs Stink”- Not anymore baby!  3 1/2 games out midway through the season with the best record in baseball since the all-star break!  Is this the year?  Is this “next year”…probably not, but we can dream can’t we?  Besides, all this means is wait and watch the inevitable trainwreck that is the Cubbies on a streak.  In ’03 it was Bartman and A-Gon, what will it be this year?  Locusts?  Boils?  Angel of Death?  Who knows, but mark my words…watch it and see!  But then again…to rip off a Deadspin commenter: “The Cubs have a way of dominating the last half of the first decade of a new century!”

“Toddzilla Rocks”- Why yes…yes he does!  Thank you good sir.  It is good to see a truly enlightened individual on this here intergoogle.

Unhealthy things for your brain”- I’m a bit worried about this one on two levels…first, the obvious, that my blog is “unhealthy for your brain”.  That makes a great catchphrase.  If I were more proficient with the WordPress, maybe I would change my banner to say this.  The other concern that I have is that, perhaps this individual does not think that Toddzilla is unhealthy for his brain, but that he or she is, in fact, looking for something unhealthy for their brain.  That disturbs me a bit.  But I, being a good citizen, will offer a few suggestions of things that are truly “unhealthy for your brain”:  Lifetime Television/Nicolas Cage movies (except “Raising Arizona”)/P-Diddy music/Richard Gere movies/Julia Roberts movies/Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in a movie/Dirty Dancing/Dirty Dancing Havana Nights (shiver)/The Red Sox/pulling for UNC/Watching Grey’s Anatomy (same as pulling for UNC)/Watching “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theater/letting your wife have the TV remote/picking out paint colors/roofing nails/being the Houston Texans quarterback/ice cream when consumed expeditiously/Rush Limbaugh/Being Marie Antoinette.

Well, that about wraps up this edition of “How Did They Get Here”.  I hope you enjoyed it and remember…Lifetime TV…Just say no!


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