Posted by: toddzilla | July 16, 2007

It’s week 19, do you know where your children are?

Well my kid is in Cheryl’s belly, so that kinda makes it easy to keep up with him or her.  we have the ultrasound coming up on August 2nd, that will let us know if it’s a boy or girl and I can’t wait!  Mainly becuase it is extremely awkward referring to child when you don’t know the gender.  I hate to call my child “it” and saying “him or her” is getting a bit tired.  So we have 2 1/2 weeks until we get a little bit of an idea of at we’re dealing with.  Having gone on about that…here are a couple of the latest goings on in the household because I know each and EVERY one of you is just riveted to hear about it:

This Old Dad- Well, we are stepping up the nursery construction project and man, this kid is expensive and he/she (see, I told you it’s difficult to “he/she” it) is not even here yet.  The plan is to install some beadboard wainscoting (I’ll see how that goes…) and paint the top half of the room a pale yellow (Saffron Blush, to be precise…could they make paint names sound any less manly?  I go into Lowe’s and have to ask for “Saffron Blush”?) and then paint the wainscoting white (thank goodness for a basic color name).  Cheryl has played the “I can’t be around paint fumes” bit so I’m stuck painting!  Tell me she isn’t spoiled!  That all started when she landed the ‘zilla in the first place…breaking the hearts of many women worldwide and now she doesn’t even have to paint!  I’m gonna make her cut all the chair rail and baseboard miters…The pregnancy books don’t say ANYthing about avoiding power tools!  If I weren’t so lazy I might post up pics of the nursery along with all those belly pics we’ve been taking every four weeks that just haven’t made it to the blog here…

Confession time…I am an evil evil man-The first trimester, when Cheryl’s stomach was all gimpy and we had to switch the handsoap because the smell of Dial made her sick…well, that was when I hatched the most evil plan of all time…I would try to fart to see if I could make her nauseous.  yes, I am an evil man and ashamed of myself.  But I managed to get a couple of gags…high five!

Junior is kickin’ it-  The kiddo is starting to let momma know he’s in there!  Apparently he’s chillin’ when mom’s chillin’, but when mom walks or works, then he gets a lil’ kicky!  It’s not to the point that I can feel it, but momma’s getting a couple of butterflies here and there.

Wow!  All that is going on?-  Cheryl picked up a magazine that has actual pictures of a fetus in-utero and it tells what’s going on month-by-month…Holy cow!  There is a lot going on and it amazes me to the point that it even casts doubt in my mind as to how all that could be going on.  Check this out…The kid will form a waxy coating in the next month that will act as a lubricant and aid in the “great escape”…talk about efficient!  The bones are all soft and cartilege-ey so that he can get out.  There is a ball floating over his head that looks like a sun and was formed early as an external fuel tank to supply the kid blood before his liver formed and all of his intestines are bundled together with the umbilical cord like a wiring harness and, it’s my understanding, will be sucked in between now and delivery…wow!  All this serves to make me, one of little faith, worry.  I mean, how does all that happen?  Well, I know…it’s the miracle of birth and the Lord is in control with it all.  But it amazes me even more having seen these pics and read all that goes on.  I think the appreciation is accented by me having an engineering background and knowing what it takes to design something that meets a purpose and can be manufactured efficiently, packaged efficiently, and maintained easily.  That’s hard to do, but here it going on in my gal’s belly.  It is truly amazing!

Well that’s the latest here, so feel free to lambast me in the comments for being a first-trimester jerk…



  1. what up Todd?

    Some very cool stuff happens with your baby. Rebecca is now 32 weeks and the movements get pretty cool looking from the outside. We’re both very excited for you two and we are looking forward to hearing about the gender. Give Cheryl our best—and definitely enjoy the 2nd trimester.

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