Posted by: toddzilla | July 10, 2007

A new era…one of elasticity

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve posted…

I want to give out a big “thank you” to Cheryl’s friends that have been so kind as to give us tubs and bags full of maternity clothes!  It has helped out out tremendously.  It also serves as a reminder of how stylish our friends are.  Me, well, I’m holding Cheryl back on that front.  This is difficult to say, but I have never been a slave to fashion.  Jeans?  Check.  T-shirt or polo?  Check.  Entire ensemble for less than $40?  Check and mate!  Outfit?  Heck and no!  Cheryl has asked a time or two before if I needed to go “shopping” for an outfit and my prompt reply has always been: “Men don’t buy outfits, we buy clothes”.  Whatever I buy can be readily and easily mixed with something else.  None of this P-Diddy-esque orange ensembles with shirt, pants and shoes that all match.  No sir…hit me up at the Old Navy sale table son!  Oh yeah, men don’t go “shopping” period.  We go “buying”…huge difference.

 Anyway, rant aside.  Even with all the donations and because she’s in that awkward a little too big for normal jeans, not big enough for maternity jeans phase, Cheryl bought her first pair of maternity jeans last week and, yes, they had an elastic band.  I got a good laugh out of that and Cheryl was very patient.  I asked if a windsuit and gold shoes and purse were next.

My girl has an official “bump”.  How do I know?  I feel it when we hug.  Who has the bigger bump, me or her?  Well I think I’m still slightly in the lead there, but I dont’ have any elastic in my pants!  I just buy ’em in gangsta size so they hang strategically, held up by willpower.  Cheryl is extremely cute with her bump!  I get a kick out of it.   Speaking of which junior is starting to kick a little now, which would freak me totally out!  It’s good that I’m a man.  Having seen the end of “Alien” and knowing that something is growing inside of me would blow my mind!  I’ve heard that late in the pregnancy, you can actually see the baby’s features through momma’s stomach!!!  Just like in the old cartoons when you nail somebody with a frying pan and the outline of their face is left behind in the pan.  Oh my dear!  That will definitely freak me out!  We’ll see how that goes.

Well, that’s the latest baby update.  Thanks for taking the time to read it!



  1. I love the maternity band! Much better than the full panel maternity clothes. Cheryl is looking very cute with her little bump. Maternity clothes are a huge rip off, but Greg was always nice to let me buy them if they would make me feel better in my enormous state.

  2. Gretchen-

    That’s why we are so thankful for you guys lending us some fly baby-momma gear!

  3. See this is where I think me being a football lineman will come into play when I get married again and, hopefully, have a child of my own. Instead of needing to buy some clothes from the maternity section, my future wife could easily wear some of my shirts and shorts.

    Who said being a big boy didn’t pay?

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