Posted by: toddzilla | June 30, 2007

How did they get here?

Welcome to the first installment of “How did they get here”.  I’ve mentioned WordPress’s handy feature that allows me to see the search terms that people used to find this blog.  In fact, a search for “sexy things to say” led to the entire “Sexiness Week” or as I like to call it “The Week of Sexiness”.  Anyway, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what wild and crazy search terms were used this week?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Somebody actually used the following to find the ol’ blog:

 “has richard gere ever posed for playgirl”

Um…I dunno and I am a bit curious (no, not in that way) as to why anyone would want to ask that question and totally perplexed as to why they were directed to this lil’ corner of the interwebs.  But, being the faithful man of the people that I am (humbly, I might add)…Can anyone answer this individual’s question?  Apparently, inquiring minds wanna know.  So let me us know if Richard Gere has indeed ever posed for Playgirl (do not send any pics please…please!).

While we’re on the topic, Richard Gere is responsible for such tripe as Pretty Woman (I’ve never seen it…high five!) and that dancing movie with Jennifer Lopez (which my wife promptly DVR-ed…it is her purpose in life to DVR things that just…just shouldn’t been seen period).

 So, if you know…and I know you do…Let us all know if Richard Gere posed for Playgirl.



  1. I’m not sure if I want to know if Richard Gere posed in Playgirl. I’m all about Googling for useless trivia, but no … not that.

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