Posted by: toddzilla | June 28, 2007

We up in the second trimester now fo’ sho’

Well, we are into week 16 and my baby(s) are starting to show.  Cheryl reminds me of a fine archtop guitar (a lil’ bulge at the waist, sounds great, and expensive)


So….what’s the latest with the lil’ ‘Zilla…We had our checkup at 15 weeks and Junior’s heart is beating away fine and dandy.  Momma’s blood pressure is staying nice and low (it has steadily decreased since she met me…coincidence?  I think not.  Cool Papa Todd is just laidback like that).  The latest drama is the nursery.  I want to rip the baseboard out and install a nice Cape Cod wainscot.  We picked out a subtle yellow (Saffron Blush I believe) and we are planning on installing a white wainscot beneath it for a subtle, gender-neutral nursery.  The problem is…the room  that will become the nursery is currently Ma’s scrapbooking room.  “Scrapbooking Room” is code for “tornado struck a printing press”.  My wife is unbelievably tidy and methodical about cleanliness (I had to vacuum the stairs this week), but the one room in the house that is all hers is the messiest!  Granted, I understand that scrapbooking relies on laying out lots of pictures and papers and momentos in order to develop a theme, but dang!

 I’m usually the one that needs motivation to clean, but I asked Cheryl to clean out the nursery so I could start tearing it up (she’s on summer vacation from school right now).  Monday the entire downstairs was cleaned and yesterday, the guest bedroom was cleaned (obstensibly to allow for storage space for the scrapbooking crap).  We discussed it at length last night, so, I’m hoping that some scrapbooking junk will find its way out of the nursery today.  We’ll see how it goes.  Now, am I being self-righteous and unfair in calling her out on this because I’m a such slouch at cleaning?  YES!  But, I don’t get many opportunities to do it, so I jump right on it and hyperbolize the fire out of it.  So, to my loving wife…get on the stick and get that room cleaned out!  I’ll be watching Sanford and Son…call me if you need me to lift anything.

 Love you Boo!



  1. Scrapbooking or “Crackbooking” as David often refers to it takes up a lot of space! There is so much stuff and I don’t blame her for being reluctant to give up her space. I gave up my space for Jacob and now I have only finished through Jacob’s First Halloween. I haven’t even been in contact with my “crack” dealer if a couple of years…Goodluck with this endeavor!

  2. If you are in the second trimester Todd, congrats. Here’s to hoping she is inspired to do more than scrapbook!

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