Posted by: toddzilla | June 15, 2007

What’s My Name?

In honor of the news that LeBron James has just named his second child, Bryce Maximus James, after his favoritie movie character Maximus from Gladiator.  With that in mind I am serioulsy considering naming my child Taggart after Slim Pickens character in Blazing Saddles…Theeeeeee greatest movie evah made!


“What in the wide world of sports is a goin’ on here!”

Oh, what a movie.  I will have to crank up the ol’ DVD player again tonight…I don’t care what my wife says!  Well, I do….sigh…She just doesn’t understand the subtleties of Mel Brooks and very un-PC comedy.

Wanna help me name my baby?  Well click on “More” and read on after the jump (man, I sound like a TV newscaster or something)!

Well onto baby names…The wifey and I have been tossing a few names around and I hate to tell you, my faithful readers, that I am of the old school where I do not want to give away the name we choose until the baby’s birthday.  Sorry for all the suspense, so I will try to tiptoe around it as best I can.  I had thought I had a name picked out for a boy, until I let slip the nickname that I would call junior by.  It was just a shortened version of his first name, but Cheryl wasn’t too keen on the nickname for some reason and she is against using that name because she fears I will use the nickname…Whah?  I can’t be trusted? Moi?  But we both really liked the middle name we came up with and that one is all but locked in place.  We just need to decide if it will be a middle name or a first name.

The girl…well, that’s another story.  We had a name picked out, but it is extremely popular right now and even though we love the name, I don’t want our girl to share names with half her class.  So I’ve been trying to roll through song titles in my mind to find ones that would fit (great strategy, right?).  So far, with my strategy, we have nixed Jessica (Allman Brothers) for reasons that will become clear later on, Caldonia (arguably the first Rock and Roll song ever…Louis Jordan and his Orchestra), and One Eyed, One Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater.  Anyhoo…I must admit, I am disappointed in the Bible (forgive me Lord)…there are not a plethora of girl’s names in the Bible and those that are good, are taken…a lot!  I could go the lesser-known route with a Rahab…she was part of Jesus’ lineage…and a prostitute.  We could throw a curveball with the “Sarai” spelling of Sarah, but that might give the kid too much trouble having to spell it out everytime someone asks…trust me that’s no fun.

I did want to ensure that my child understood it’s father’s roots in Eastside B-Town and name them in a style that I was familiar with.  Which is taking a common name and adding a “La”, “Le”, or ” L’ ” in front of it like “LeRonn”, “LaTonya”, or “Le’ Car” (anybody remember “Le’ Car” with the Pierre Cardin interiors)?  But, I’m so gangsta that I was gonna take it to the next level, “gangsta squared” and go with “LaLarry” or “L’ LeRonn” or “LaLaKisha”.  How about “L’ Todd”?  Now that is hardcore son!  But the missus nixed that too!  It’s hard to represent…with her around.

So with that in mind, I will open it up to you, my faithful, astute readers!  Are you feeling froggy?  Got any good names that would sound awesome followed by “Vaughn”?  Let a brothah know!  We need names for both a boy and a girl, so let fly with any and all suggestions.  Of course, please don’t be offended if we do not use your name, I admit, that I am extremely picky about names…I just don’t want any goofy names that make people laugh behind your back like: Greg, Liz, Cheryl, Gretchen, Shannon or David (I’m kidding! That list is my entire readership…just kidding guys, keep reading, please).



  1. Vince Vaughn?

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