Posted by: toddzilla | June 13, 2007

Big change for Grey’s Anatomy? How about Red’s Anatomy?

As always, I am one of the first to deliver days-old news.  Knowing that my readership (and my wife) has some sort of heroin-esque fixation with Grey’s Anatomy, I like to keep track of it so that I can try to discredit it as much as possible.  The latest?  Isaiah Washington is off the show for dropping the F-bomb…no not that one…the other one.

So now, they have to replace him, right?  I mean they need another guy for Grey’s half-sister (and all but two of the rest of the female cast) to sleep with.  Now my first choice would be Denzel Washington because, he’s cool!  Have you seen him regulate in “Man on Fire”?  But Denzel is too big even for the behemoth mind-rotter that is Grey’s.  So who can fill Isaiah’s shoes?  Tim Hardaway?  Whew…that was a good one…let me catch my breath…I honestly can’t think of a feasible replacement because I don’t want to waste my time, but I have thought of the best replacement that is not feasible due to the fact that this isn’t a perfect world.  Who is perfect?  Find out after the jump (that’s fancy blog-talk for click on the “More” button because Todd just figured out how to do jumps so that his entire hpme page won’t be filled by a single, long-winded post!).  Oh yeah.  Who is the perfect replacement for Dr. I-can’t-remember-his-name…Presley?  Prescott? Prescient???

Redd Foxx as Dr. Fred G. Sanford!


Now that would be a show worth watching!  Who would be the first (and second…and third…and so on) to mistakenly, or in the heat of the moment, or maliciously, or self-servedly(?) sleep with the good Dr. Sanford?  Christina?  Izzy?  Grey?  Grey’s half-sister.?  O’ Malley? (sorry couldn’t pass that one up and yes, I had to go to to figure out the cast names).  Hmmm…I wonder what a typical conversation at the hospital would be like with the likes of Dr. Fred G. Sanford?

Dr. Shepherd: (extends hand out)  Welcome aboard Dr. Sanford!

Dr. Sanford: (looks at the hand and grimaces) What-choo talkin’ about welcome aboard? (walks away)

Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd-Gentry of Anaheim in Los Angeles: Well hello Dr. Sanford…It’s a pleasure to meet you

Sandford: Well, hello pretty lady (holds hand out) the name is Fred G. Sanford…uh…the “G” stands for Gynecologist.

Dr. M-S: Oh my!  Really?  Here’s a convenient empty room…after you!

[10 minutes later]

Dr. M-S: Wow!  It’s a pleasure to have you here Dr. Sanford

Sanford: Uh, yeah, when’s the next shift?

Dr. Grey: Dr. Sanford!  It’s good to see you!

Dr. Sanford:  Dr Fred G. Sanford here…the “G” stands for “Grey’s Granddaddy”, but we’ll develop that plot all season…how’s your momma?

Dr. Izzy:  (wlaks up and interrupts) Dr. Sanford!  How are you?

Sanford: I’m good…uh…wow they got a lot of pretty docs nowadays!  How you doin’ pretty lady?…Um…I got some flat ripple here, I call it “flipple”How about we…uh…celebrate my new position…is that room still empty?

Izzy:  Yes it is!  I think I love you!  At least, I have a whole bunch of feelings that just came up instantly…we’ll see how they work out over the course of the season.  Let’s go into the room and get this going!

Christina: (walks up with Dr. Shepherd)  Hey is that room taken?  Oh darn!  Guess we’ll need to find another one.

And this will go on and on…so on and so forth until  Nurse Esther shows up and hilarity ensues!  Give Hoppy and Smitty a few cameos as pharmaceutical salesmen.  Throw in cousin Rollo, Ah-Chew (Pat Morita), and Julio as multi-ethnic interns and it is on!  So far this is the only way that I can think of that will make that show half-watchable.  I wish I could float this idea by the networks…



  1. Would Lamar be added to the show as well to protect Dr. Sanford?

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