Posted by: toddzilla | June 6, 2007

Some things are too powerful to combine

WordPress has a dandy feature that lets me see what search terms people type in to get to the ol’ blog here and someone typed in a search that has my mind flying:  daisy duke hanging laundry. 

I am torn because if there is truly a picture of Daisy Duke hanging laundry, then all most of my fantasies are complete (only if the same pic exists with Linda Carter, would I truly be in worldly bliss).  Can you imagine the forces of nature that would boil over if I saw Daisy Duke doing two of my favorite things at once!?!  1)Being Daisy Duke and 2) Doing laundry.  I can imagine the tawdry thoughts going through my head now as I imagine the items on the line being my shirts!  MMMMMM laundry!  Go on girl…fold for me!  That’s it…Imma make it rain with a hefty bag full of Bounce sheets.  Rowrrrr!

To my wife:  I love you baby!  I’m so sorry you’re stuck with me.

 Some other things whose combination has me in trouble:  Peanut butter and chocolate (a la Reese’s), cookies and rainbow chip icing, baseball and apple pie, and fantasy and football.  As usual go ahead and drop all your reservation and confess to me your deepest darkest combo desires in the comments!



  1. popcorn and m&m’s

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