Posted by: toddzilla | June 6, 2007

I’m excited about…furniture and fuzzy wall hangings

Well, last night me and the missus (aka my baby-momma) went out briefly to check out cribs and nursery furniture.  I must confess, I’m pretty dern excited about fixing up this nursery!  Of course, we gravitated to the most expensive crib and changing table/dresser thingie.  That’s some expensive stuff to be junior-sized.  I’m convinced that there is a secret underground price-fixing organization for wedding stuff and baby stuff.

The other thing we looked at was the…what would you call it…nursery accoutrement (pronounced a-coo-trah-mah…french is funny ain’t it)?  The a-coo-trah-mah includes a crib sheet, wrestling-turnstile-esque crib padding (with cute patterns and textures), diaper stacker, rug, wall hangings, valances (they are what goes around the top of windows aren’t they?), night lights, light switches, etc.  All in a common theme like Noah’s Ark, Bees, Butterflies, airplanes, etc.  We are thinking about a gender-neutral theme…something that either can enjoy so that it’s not too girlie or boy-ie(?).  Anyway, I’m digging the cool textures and just overly cute, fuzzy stuff!  I’m a kid at heart.= and it really has my wife worried that I am overly sensory stimulated.

So, I ask you, my gentle reader, for your help…What are some things we should consider when planning our nursery?  We are planning on getting a crib, changing dresser thingie and a glider rocker.  I think we will add a bookshelf for decoration along with a wall shelf and a nice chair rail for accent.  I’m planning on putting the changing dresser thingie close to the crib so we don’t have to carry a stanky, heavy baby too far for changing.  Drawing on your experiences…what else should we consider?



  1. I have been an evangelist for these monitors, we have used a few different kinds and I still like these the best. Put it on the sound activated mode and you won’t hear the rolling over and white noise hissing all night.

  2. Thank you sir! I appreciate the heads-up and the evangelizing…preach on!

    Those are excellent points about the sound activated feature. We will definitely have to check it out.

    Maybe I can rig a belt clip so that I can use it during the day to page the missus for a drink or something…would that work? Too much? I could even make the “skkkrnnkkk” noise after every transmission! That would never get annoying.

  3. You must have the pulsating/vibrating chair. Sophie slept in ours until it almost touched the floor because she was so big! It is excellent for those nights when the baby decides he/she does not want to sleep. I am a HUGE fan of sleep aids!

  4. You must have the vibrating chair! Sophie was in ours until it almost touched the floor because she was so big. Excellent for those nights when the baby decides he/she does not want to sleep. Just stick them in the chair!

  5. Now we know why you married Greg…his sermons are great sleep aids! HEY-YO!!!!! But seriously, I have seen those chairs and they are nice! I wish they made adult-sized versions of them.

  6. To add to what David said…My favorite feature of the monitors is its ability to have the volume turned down, but still light up when the baby is crying. The lights even escalate as the volume of the baby increases:) In those desperate hours of wanting sleep, you can attempt (for as long as you can take it) to let them cry it out watching the lights instead of listening to it.

  7. What no NC State baby crib?

  8. NC State crib? Too prone to collapse!

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