Posted by: toddzilla | June 5, 2007

The Lonely Hearts “Cubs” Band…and Softball

Well, my Cubbies have dropped $300 million in the offseason and it has bought them a dugout fight between their vet catcher and pitching ace…and a suspended manager.  Oh yeah, don’t forget them being fourth in their division 7.5 games out.  Why oh why did I have to get WGN as a kid!?!  So, yes, the Cubbies are quickly becoming irrelevant (as usual), but this time they paid $300 million to do it.

So what’s a Cubs fan to do?  Watch college softball?  Dang straight!  I have been jonesing on some college softball this past week.  The pace of the games is quick and the fan support and team morale is astonishing!  The championship is being held in Okahoma City and every school has an avid fanbase at every game.  The fever from the fans is intoxicating!  I have thoroughly enjoyed it and yes….yes…my wife has even turned it on when I’m not around.  WIth her being pregnant, it’s hard for her to watch an entire game, but she takes a quick nap and one of the first things she asks is who won.  To me, that’s great!  So, if you’re like me and don’t care about the NBA, NHL, or watching boxing in the dugout at Wrigley…catch some college sofball this week.  It’s down to Tennessee vs. Arizona in a best-of-3 series and it rocks.

Oh yeah, the Cubs…is it already “Maybe next year” time?



  1. I actually watched some of the softball this weekend. Softball fan bases are usually more energetic from the Little Leagues to the college, at least from what I’ve seen. Though, I think they have a microphone in the dugouts to pick up some of the cheers. A little loud, but OK it’s part of the game.

    Tennessee all the way. (I can’t believe I’m cheering for a team.) The Abbott girl is something like 49-3 this season and the team has some 60 wins. Yeah, that’s impressive. Though I’ll take Catherine Osterman of Texas fame for the win in regards to better pitchers in the past few years. (I know two softball players not named Finch.)

    As for your Cubies … it may be “Next Year Time,” as I wrote in my space, I think Pinella has already lost control of the team, which doesn’t bode well for his ability to connect and manage in the majors anymore.

  2. I guess I’m covering ground that you already did (much better than I).

    I just can’t bring myself to pull for Tennessee, but that is secondary for reasons that will become obvious if you take a look at the Arizona roster…oh yeah! Arizona State was “top-seeded” but they got knocked out. Props for the Abbott gal! That height helps her dominate from the mound…errr…circle.

  3. Good point. Arizona wins.

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