Posted by: toddzilla | May 24, 2007

News Roundup

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I will do the ol’ News Roundup (low-hanging fruit). 

The size of the dog in the fight-Starting with the lowest of the low (right now) Mike Vick is well on his way to getting busted for dogfighting!  Classy!  The latest is Clinton Portis’s well-thought defense of dogfighting that was quickly followed up by an apology posted on the Redskins website.  Portis noted something to the effect that he doesn’t condone dogfighting at all.  This is awfully funny considering he mentioned the fact that he could point you out to any number of dogfighting events in the greater DC area.  Brilliant!  If Vick is indeed suspended or…gasp!…indicted, then I feel terrible for the Falcons and their fans.  There is no way that they make the playoffs without Vick…oh wait…nevermind.

The Democrats do what they do best…fold like a cheap suit-I thought that maybe…just maybe, the Dems would get together and develop a strategy for the course of the war in Iraq by forcing the issue of tying funding to a troop withdrawal timeline.  One shot at that and then they quit and pass the funding anyway with a campy minimum wage hike attached to it (whah?).  I’m not sure which is more embarassing playing the politics game with that minimum wage attachment or throwing strategy (and backbone) out of the window with one presidential veto.  I have a feeling that some Republican legislators may move over the side of troop withdrawal once they hear General Petraus’s progress report in the coming weeks.  Well, that’s based on him telling the truth in front of a committee which is not this administration’s strongpoint.

What are the Evangelicals gonna do?– There is no clear front-runner for them to back in this election!  A democrat?  Don’t make me laugh.  A Mormon?  One who just recently decided that he felt the sam way about issues such as abortion and gay marriage?  funny as it sounds, Romney may well be the front-runner.  Giuliani?  Too many marriages?  Gingrich?  How soon we forget his mistress…while he was hunting Clinton for the very same thing.  Who stand to gain in this?  Fred Thompson if he runs as an Independent.  He is recognizable and heretofore unblemished (by my knowledge) with extramarital affairs, abortion views, or being a Democrat.  Who stands to lose?  Well, if Thompson runs as an Independent, will he pull from the Republican base enough to pull a Ross Perot?  It may be interesting, but as with most political guessing…it’s really moot until the primaries are over.  It really is…

Celtics lose out on Oden or Durant-Thank goodness!  That deal with the devil that Boston must have made may be wearing off a bit.  With Boston practically clenching the AL East…and it’s May!, and the Patriots making major offseason moves that seem to beckon yet another Super Bowl (I know this is wild speculation, but I despise the Patriots and that alone is enough to practically guarantee that they will win it all), it’s good to see the Celtics are probably cellar-bound for another 10 years.  Don’t get me wrong, the Bias and Lewis deaths are tragic and looking back at their effects on the franchise is enlightening, but a trifecta of an upswing for Beantown’s three major sports would be too much.  I may have to pull a Baldwin and move out of the U.S. (but not really).



  1. Before, I get into your political thoughts, keep in mind that the 2008 presidential campaign is shaping up, in my opinion, as the election that no one wants. There is no clear favorite that I see that can really run with their party nomination. Only one person, right now, I see is clearly out of it and that’s John Edwards, only because I think the American public is seeing him for who he is – a $400 haircut.

    Fred Thompson could make sense as a candidate. If he decides to run for office, which if you follow the NBC Up Front a few days ago, it looks as though he will. NBC is moving, or wanting to move, Sam Watterson to the District Attorney slot on Law and Order, which is being done to save money as well as to write off Thompson if he moves to the campaign trail.

    Speaking of Watterson, he is throwing his support behind an effort to promote a split ticket for president and vice president. Fairly interesting. He gave a speech at the National Press Club a few weeks ago discussing the project.

    Should Thompson run for office, he would effectively end John McCain’s campaign effort. Thompson and McCain are quite similar, but Thompson’s personality is more likable, which would garner more support. He certainly could run as an outsider and make some noise.

    Newt Gingrich will likely not run for office. I believe, after listening to him last week, is pretty content with promoting ideas and issues. He did have some good comments on the Game Show-esque quality of presidential elections. But he does have serious concerns in my book, and others on ethics.

    Sam Brownback, baby. Good Christian. No chance of winning.

    As for Michael Vick, I’ve never been a fan of him since his college days. I thought he was overhyped at Virginia Tech and he is certainly overhyped now. If he is indicted on these charges, Roger Goodell (sp?) will have a major issue on his hand. Do you suspend one of the game’s marketing kings? If you adhere to the same principles as he did when suspending the WVU Wrecking Crew, then Vick could be in jail and out of a job.

    Clinton Portis’ reaction was simply the Redskins trying to save face.

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