Posted by: toddzilla | May 17, 2007

Master-T’s Theatre: The Paris of Oz

In order to appeal to a more high-brow readership (not that my two readers aren’t high-brow as it is…), A new feature will be added to the ol’ blog: Master-T’s Theatre (note the fancy spelling of “theater”…it’s kinda like “Shoppe” and “Flavour”…What?  That’s Canadian?…oh).  Thanks to my immense skillz at MSPaint…here are some new characters to give you their takes on the latest news:

Mr. Cloud


and Mrs. Flower


Mr. Cloud: Well Mrs. Flower it’s tough being a celebrity isn’t it?  I mean look at our friend Paris.  She takes a lil’ drive and BAM!  She’s behind bars for 45 days.  Now we hafta go see her in “the joint”!

Mrs. Flower: Oh I know! This is a travesty!  Such a fine, upstanding citizen like Paris and she’s forced into a cell with all kinds of riff-raff!  My stars!

MC:  Oh snap!  We gotta go through security…uh here, hold this water bottle

MF: Whah?

Security: [looks at water bottle]  What the!?

MC:  Uh, it’s nothing officer, just a bottle Mike Vick…errrr…Ron Mexico gave me…to hold…for him.

Security: Uh huh…[opens the bottle and out comes Mr. Puff]:


Mr. Puff: Hey man…where’s my boy Mike?  [sees security guard] Um…errr….or Ron?

MC: Uh, he’s busy…at a dogfight…errr…Boys and Girls Club meeting.  Can we go in now?

MF: [bats her eyes] Please!

Puff:  Where the women at?

[the group gets through security and sits across the glass from Ms Hilton]

Paris Hilton: Hey guys!  Did you bring that carton of Marlboros?

 MF: Here you go hun. 

Puff: Paris!  Hey girl!  It’s been a while!

Paris: Oh hey Mr. Puff!  I’m sorry but I gotta hang out with another buddy for awhile…The Marlboro Man.  I’ll catch ya’ when I get out.

MC: So…um…How’s the “clink”  Have you hooked up with Morgan Freeman yet?  He will hook you up with a rock hammer or a compact or whatever.

MF: [rolls eyes] Pay him no mind dear…you just keep your chin up and watch your back.  Here’s some makeup to cover up your Aryan Nation Tattoos.  You’ll be fine dear!

Puff: Put me down for $50 on Lassie over Rin Tin Tin!

MC: Shhhhh!  That’s tomorrow man!  chill! [whispers] I’ll take some of that action though…Is it at Marcus’ house this weekend?

Puff: Yeah man!  Mo Clarett is bringing the Twinkies son!  Gonna get my Twinkie on!

MC: Suh-Weet!

Paris: Um guys…imprisoned starlet here!

MF: Look gal, just rub your toothbrush on the bunkbed rail until you get a nice point and keep it in your waistband in case anybody starts any trouble…then shank that fool!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Puff:  That girl is hardcore son!  Look we gotz to go!  I gotta hook up with Calvin Johnson before he signs up with the Lions!  Then I gotta go to Matt Millen’s house so we can prep for next years draft!

MF: Well okay let’s go then…Remember Paris don’t take no junk!

MC: Yeh no junk!  Tell Morgan to get you that Raquel Welch poster.

Puff: I can make a booger talk!



  1. I do believe you have WAY to much time on your hands. The artwork is almost better than my preschoolers though! 🙂

  2. There you go Todd. You finally made it to become a preschooler. Pretty old one at that, but hey you made it.

  3. I am still praying for you.

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