Posted by: toddzilla | May 15, 2007

This Chick Can Be Crazy!

Roaming the blogosphere recently, I noticed where someone posted a link to this site.  It is a link to Jack Chick’s Christian tracts page.  I have actually had some of these tracts handed to me while walking to class, but they were the fairly tame “turn before you burn” types.  I couldn’t help but read through a few of them the other day and I was amazed at the blatant nature of some of these tracts.  Apparently Mr. Chick holds a bit of a grudge against Muslims, Catholics, sinners, homosexuals (I liked the gay-demons sprouting from their chests), Pagans, doctors, scientists, public school teachers, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, halloween partakers, and the English

I read some of these tracts (I just couldn’t help myself) and it blew my mind.   My wife comes from a Catholic background and I have been to a few masses, but Chick’s assertions in his anti-Catholic booklets prompted me to do a little research, mainly on his claims of Catholicism giving rise to Islam (even though I’m pretty sure the Catholic church came much later than Muhammed) and the curious “IHS” inscription on the communion wafers (which Chick claims stands for Iris, Horus, and Seb (Egyptian and Babylonian goddesses).  I just could not fathom , the Catholic church being so brazen as to print “IHS” on their wafers for this purpose.  So I checked out (they have 6 pages dedicated to debunking Chick…who knew?).  Props to for very tactfully and eruditiously debunking most of Mr. Chick’s claims.

This little bout of Fundamentalism has served to remind me though, of God’s truth.  Sure it is easily manipulated for varying purposes (some very heinous), but God’s truth is hard and fast.  Even in the hands of the fringe element, God’s truth is steady in that Jesus is indeed the path to salvation.  If we do not accept Him as our savior, we will indeed face judgment.  I am reminded of what one of my preacher friends said (yes I have multiple preacher friends and yes, I know what you’re thinking and yes, do not haphazardly go into a fantasy football league with preachers), but I digress… Greg mentioned that there are two aspects to witnessing: Truth and Grace.  God’s truth is distinct and does not waver.  There exists good and evil, right and wrong and there is no bargaining with God about it.  Grace, is many things, but in this instance it is exhibited in the care, love, and compassion shown when you witness.  Grace is shown when you actually care about the person that you are witnessing to and when you do not go that extra step to “judge” or “condemn” someone for violating God’s truth.  The key is balancing the two.  I myself go too heavy on the grace side (if I may say so with all due humility).  I tend to let certain things slide that are in fact violations of God’s truth.  Others tend to condemn and come too heavily with the big stick of God’s truth so they manage to leave the grace behind.

God grant us thy truth.  Grant that we should struggle with it like Jacob wrestled with God in the wilderness.  Help us to eventually overcome on your side having learned the truth so that we do not push it without understanding it.  Grant us the love and compassion to be graceful when we witness.  Like you did when you ate with the sinners and the tax collectors.  Grant us these things and the wisdom to balance the two.

Tell me some instances where you saw good and bad witnessing.  What caught your attention?  How could it have been handled differently?

Oh and just in case…here’s a little something-something to exorcise any pesky gay-demons:




  1. Great thoughts, Todd.

    As for bad witnessing, I think a lot of the college “Hell Fire and Brimstones” types get it wrong. Of course in North Carolina we think of Preacher Gary at UNC, but if memory serves me well, which it doesn’t from time to time, there were people at WVU who held large banners saying we were all going to hell in a hand basket.

    To me, this type of witnessing is more for show than for true witnessing. What is the priority? Is it serving God or is it serving yourself? If it is serving yourself, then check yourself at the door.

    As far as good witnessing, there have many to recount. In our own way, I think our group on Thursday morning does a good job of that to each other. I’ve seen a lot of if it our church community. Mostly where I see the good witnessing is my living the example set forth by Christ. It’s hard. It’s hard for all of us. But being honest and open, showing love and compassion, to me, that is where true witnessing comes.

  2. I think every major university has “that guy”. At MSU it was the Well’s hall preacher. He would scream insults and hell fire and brimstone threats. But the classic was “masturbators repent!!!!!”
    I couldn’t supress a snicker.
    i wanted to go up to him and ask, “Seriously dude. Is this working? Has anyone grown closer to Christ because of you.”
    I think the best witnessing is not a one time event. It’s a process, it’s investing in a realationship with people. Most of us who consider ourselves christian came to faith because of a parent, grandparent, sister, friend, boyfriend, someone who cared enough to teach you the truth,- just hand you a tract.

  3. Todd,

    As a preacher friend let me just say that I agree with your thoughts. It is amazing the amount of hatred, anger, and destructive meanness that is spewed forth in the name of God’s truth. If our proclamation of the truth leads us to live and act in a way that doesn’t honor Christ, do we really understand the truth?

    Way to top off the post with a LC tribute. Do you think those bracelets will ward off the gay-demons?

  4. Christy- That’s a great point! Sometimes we don’t even complete the witnessing. We may start it, move it along, or close out someone else’s work. Kind of like pitchers in baseball (everything goes back to baseball doesn’t it?) You have starters, middle relief and closers. All work to get the job done and it is a process, not an event to witness.

    Greg-Great point as well. Kinda reminds me of the speck/plank in the eye thing (if I may be so bold as to grossly paraphrase the Word). But that illustration doesn’t completely encompass the act of witnessing…just the part about being heavy-handed with the truth. We must honor God in what we do because that is perhaps the greatest witnessing tool…witnessing by example.

    Oh yeah…LC’s bracelets are for warding off bullets…there are other things that ward off the gay-demons…oh yeah!

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