Posted by: toddzilla | May 4, 2007

Why Give Up the Info?

Well Sexy-Week is drawing to a close and unless I find a wild inspiration this afternoon, this will probably be the last post on The Sexiness for a couple of days at least.  What motivated all this…well it was a combination of seeing the Panda Video story in and the fact that someone found my blog via a search for “sexy things to say”.  You may ask, “why has Toddzilla been sitting on this veritable goldmine of sage advice and wisdom?”  Well it’s because I am one of the very fortunate few who never had to use the great skills that I have been blessed with because I was blessed in a much greater way.  The good Lord in all his mercy and wisdom, He who looks after children and fools (Sweet!  I’m covered!), sought to bless me with the divine providence of meeting my wife in such a serendipitous way that I didn’t have to throw the game on (save for Toddzilla’s first date rule of “guys don’t talk unless asked about what you do…listen…let her talk”).

I feel that I should offset these crazy posts with the truth.  I realize that my “Marital Bliss” posts don’t do my wife or our lives together justice and I want all to realize that they are just poor attempts at comedy.  I am truly blessed with the sweetest wife that I could imagine for me.  With her infinite patience and grace, she puts up with me and all of my humor at her expense.  So let me end Sexy-Week with some truths:

-Contrary to what my posts divulge, we do not sit around and watch TV all the time. 

-Holey(?) gray socks are not a major issue in the household.  I hyperbolize for the sake of funny and blog-traffic.  I know, I know, it’s desperate.  But I want to re-iterate the good-natured fun aspect of it all.

-My wife has boundless patience and puts up with a lot without giving much grief in return.

-My wife works with specials-needs pre-schoolers and despite what she may tell you or me, she helps them everyday.  How do I know this?  Because I have seen them recognize her out in public and children’s faces do not lie.

-What does that last point have to do with everything else?  Well my wife also works with a husband with stupid-needs.

-Finally, for some reason (read her unimaginable grace) and despite my idiocy, we get along fabulously!

With all that said, please don’t let my blog paint the wrong picture of our marital relationship.  I am a blessed fool dancing in the presence of grace that is my wife.  I am the undeserving recipient of the zenith of God’s grace having been blessed with a wife that in the estimation of even the greatest faith allowed to a mere man, I would not have thought that I could ever attain.  I do not deserve her.

It’s you and me baby!  Thanks be to God!



  1. Todd, that’s really sweet. And I agree, your wife is an awesome person, as are you. God Bless You!

  2. I am also very blessed!
    Thank you Todd…. I love you!

  3. Awwwww.

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