Posted by: toddzilla | May 2, 2007

The Sounds of Sexy…

What the heck!  I’m going to unofficially make this Sexy-Week at Toddzilla!  Spring is in the air and Toddzilla’s mack is on ya’ mind.  In today’s installment of The Sexiness we discuss the tunes that make the ladies swoon…Oh yeah!  Now everyone’s tastes vary of course, so I will drop some music from a few different genres (genres is a sexy word isn’t it?  Especially when you say it like “zhan-rahs”).  “The Sexiness” is all about appealing to the senses and fortunately for men, women aren’t so turned on by visuals as they are sounds and smell (well that last one may not be fortunate for all men).  So here’s the sounds (by zhan-rah) for your mack attacks…these tunes or Earmacks as I like to call them will definitely help if used subtly.

Soul:-This is the obvious zhan-rah for The Sexiness.  you can go with the obvious and abundant, lyrical “under”-tones of Teddy Pendergrass (Close the Door, Love TKO, or Turn off the Lights) or you can choose to let the beat do the walkin’ like with Levert’s “I Was Made to Love You”.  Or you can go with the actual singing as your aphrodisiac like Marvin Gaye’s instrumental voice.  He sings my personal favorite “Distant Lover” which combines the musical “Sexiness” with the lyrical “Sexiness” for a “‘Sexiness double-play” (baseball allusions are sexy aren’t they?  “Distant Lover” is a sexiness grand slam a sexiness 6-4-3 double-play…Is it hot in here?).

Jazz:-Jazz rolls with the musical Sexiness and is sublte in that it promotes the sexiness beat but also adds an air of sophistication to your mack.   I’m relatively new to jazz, but I enjoy bebop from the late 50’s especially John Coltrane (“My Little Brown Book” and “Soul Eyes”) or Miles Davis (anything from his “Kind of Blue” album).

Blues:-The Blues has a raw sensuality to it and can appeal to our animal instincts ROWR!  Save the Blues for an established relationship then drop “Rock Me Baby”, “I’m in the Mood” or “I can’t Quit You Baby”.  “Sweet Home Chicago”?  Not so much for the Sexiness, kinda like a sexiness bunt…starts out good, but just can get to base.

Rock:-Well white folks have it a bit rougher as far as the sexy tunes go, but Eric Clapton can deliver with the iconic “Wonderful Tonight” and well, I don’t know…I can’t really groove to rock…Well let me qualify that cuz’ Toddzilla can groove to anything, but rock isn’t my leadoff hitter (whew I’m feeling light-headed).  “Feels like the First Time”?  Maybe?  Loverboy?  Rush?  Wow!  I couldn’t type that with a straight face!

Country:-If you think white folks have it rough with sexiness music, then feel extra sorry for really white folks!  Hmmm…let’s see…country sexiness?  It’s kinda like the groundrule double of sexiness…not really sexy but it can bring home a run?  Maybe?Uh…Um…Ahhh…Next question…

Showtunes?:-Fabulousss!  (and no, I will NOT sink to the level of writing something about switch-hitting here…please people!  have some decency!)

That’s a quick go at it…Tell me what I left out.  Don’t be embarassed, let the Sexiness out, afterall, it is”Sexiness Week”!  You know you want to comment.  Drop your inhibitions…let it flow.  Be yourself, go with the groove.  Yeah, that’s it…just like that.  You got runners in scoring position…bring ’em home!



  1. OK, if we have runners in scoring position, I’ve got to bring out the country.

    I’m sorry Todd, but “It’s Your Love,” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill works. It’s tainted for me, but it works.

    Of course, there is always bring out the Dirty Dancing soundtrack or Kenny G.

    I’ve got no skills. That’s why I read Toddzilla. You should use that as your subhead.

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