Posted by: toddzilla | April 13, 2007

Time to cheese off some baseball fans!

It’s been awhile, so now it’s time for a sports post!  Prepare yourselves for some wild insight into my sports mentality as I lay down why I like or dislike certain baseball clubs.  Sure there are my favorite teams (Cubs and Dodgers), but there are some teams that I like to see do well and there are some that I like to see fall on their face.  I did a post similar to this with college football and managed to draw some well deserved (though very tactful) ire.  So, here’s to another round of it!

Teams I like: Well growing up in an area with no professional teams at all (at the time), WGN was my window into baseball.  Also, for some reason my brother liked the Dodgers, so I did too.  But with WGN and Harry Carey and Steve Stone, I grew to love the Cubbies.  So I hold those two teams close to my heart.  My grandfather was an avid baseball fan and Reds fan, so I like to see them do well also (even though they are in the Cubs division).  I’m not a big AL fan because of the DH, but Detroit has some sweet uni’s, so believe it or not…I pull for them too.  They’re my AL team…I guess.  Again, growing up the only two teams that could be remotely associated with the area were the Braves and the Orioles and Eddie Murray’s semi-fro and Cal Ripken Jr. were enough for me to have a soft spot for the O’s.

Teams I dislike: This category changes a bit because I tend to loathe successful teams (I know its a self-curse and does wonders to limit my smack-talking ability).  To this day I am regretful that somewhere in my heart I actually wanted the BoSox to win the Series in ’04…UGH!  What was I thinking???  I, like the Bush administration, underestimated the tenacity of my opponents.  I am sick of ALL Boston sports teams!  There were no BoSox or Patriots gear to be seen a few years ago and now we’re choking on it!  Granted, if you’re from Boston or  Mass. then you get a pass because you’re supposed to pull for the home team, that’s well and good.  But bandwagon fans are late to the show and somehow manage to get the full dose of arrogance!  I Dislike the Yanks too.  That’s like pulling for the homecoming king to score a date with the head cheerleader.  The over-hyped BoSox/Yanks rivalry is sickening too.

Can’t stand the Braves!  Sutton-I’m sorry for that, you are from the GA, so you are a true fan and I admire all true fans.  The rest however, probably never watched a single Dale Murphy-era game when the Braves stunk!  One worst-to-first season and BAM!  Bandwagon!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in San Francisco via Duluth in Minneapolis-St. Paul…I fart in your general direction!  California wasn’t enough, Anaheim wasn’t good enough, now I see LA on the score crawl and I get excited until I realize that it’s LAA and not LAD…Such a pain!  Vlad Guerrero is an awesome hitter though…props must go out.  Florida Marlins…your fanbase stinks and you knocked my Cubbies out of the NLCS.  For a club to buy two World Series, their homefield outfield seats have never felt the warmth of a fan’s…well you know.  Has anyone ever seen a Sportscenter highlight of a Marlins homegame that had fans in the outfield?  I bet there are dozens of homerun balls piled up under the seats against the outfield wall…waiting to be picked up.  And of course, as a Dodgers afficionado…I loathe the Giants.  Barry Bonds does nothing to dissuade that attitude.

Teams I respect: Kansas City Royals…I mean…they’re the Royals, loyal fans, sorry team, but they keep at it.  Opening day was special this year after they waylaid the BoSox!  Cleveland Indians…props to you and any Cleveland sports team.  Talk about rough history, but loyal fans!  St. Louis…even though they ares supposed to be the Cubbies hated enemies, I think that draws from inter-city rivalries, and not being a Chicagoan, I just don’t get it.  St. Louis has great fans and is a quintessential baseball (second to New York).

So there it is…feel free to bash me in the comments and let me know who you like/dislike/loathe/respect!



  1. How can you like the Cubs and not hate my beloved Cardinals?

    Teams I like are the Cardinals. I started pulling for them after I abandoned the Braves and when Mark McGwire joined in 1997. I’ll admit there was a split admiration for awhile and just my love for the Cardinals started to take over. Ted Turner helped to run me out of being a Braves fan.

    The teams I can’t stand are the Pittsburgh Pirates. I know. I know. How can you hate a team that can’t seem to win? Easy. That’s all people talk about in West Virginia are the Pirates (in the northern part of the state) and the equally horrific Reds (in the southern part of the state). Working in sports in West Virginia, you had to get the box scores of those teams in the paper every day (along with the Braves) regardless of how much space you had available, or if there were more important games. That drug me to disliking them just out of protest.

    I also can’t stand the Cubs, but I respect the Cubs because unlike the Yanks and Red Sox that series is great baseball with two good fan bases. By the way, can’t stand the Yankees or the Red Sox (I tolerate the Red Sox because of my roommate).

  2. So you like baseball because of the number of fans a team has. I guess when your team only has fans to brag about the actual game doesnt matter anymore. Who cares how many people like a team, If i were the only fan in the 2005 white sox world series i wouldnt mind MY favorite team did it.The team ive been going to see since I was a little boy. You think i sit there and say man i wish we had more fans. I dont, we have the true loyal fans of Chicago, the people who sit there and listen to the stupid cubs fans remarks were the number one team. Really and how do you support that, by tickets sold, please give me a break. How about we look at what the team has accomplished ove the past 100 years and then see who the #1 team is. Look at all the white sox jearseys you saw in 2005 those were the fake cub fans trying to be cool like always and they had a reason to be a World Series was won. so come join a team who can take you places in the hardest division in MAjor league baseball the WHITE SOX. All you cub fans say you were on the sox side and wanted them to win then why am i hearing so much shit talking this year???????? You were all salty and you want to erase that championship so bad that you all freak out when you make the playoffs. You say the cubs are cursed please, its just you unrealitic wishes that cause you to think that. OMG we made the playoffs were going to win it all, what other team/fans do you see doing that every time they are above .500 NONE. So how about you stop talking about other teams because you have no room to talk fans dont matter THE TEAMS SKILL AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS DO. I did expect this out of a cubs fans so im not surprised. GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there fans

  3. Whoa…easy there. I have to admit, I’m from a small town where the closest professional team was 4 hours away, so I had to pick a team to pull for. I don’t understand all the White Sox/Cubs fan dynamics because I’m not from Chicago. Every fan base has its jerks and I’m sure plenty of Cubs fans in Chicago get arrogant everytime they make the playoffs, but I honestly don’t see why they would (they are the Cubs afterall). My point with the Marlins is that they have 2 World Series wins under their belt in a major population area, yet they never have any fans at their games. This is the same for Tampa Bay (although they don’t have many wins). I don’t like the Marlins because a) they knocked the Cubs out in 2003 and b) I want a pro team in my area where there would be fan support, so those empty bleachers are a bit of an insult to me because I can’t attend a game. Likewise, I don’t like teams whose fanbases are only there because they win (Yanks and Red Sox, etc.). I don’t really understand why anything I typed would upset you other than the fact that it was a Cubs fan that wrote it. Technically, the Cubs were the number one team…in their division this year. Anybody that would claim them as being the best team in baseball clearly doesn’t understand the game this year. You grew up watching the Sox play and that’s awesome! I never had that kind of opportunity, so I am envious of you and I give you much more credit for sticking with the ChiSox than someone who has been a so-called “die-hard” Red Sox fan…since ’03. Those are the kinds of fans that annoy me.

    But if you want to discuss the past 100 years, the White Sox have 3 World Series wins and the Cubs have 2. So we’re fairly close as far as that goes. But you have to throw in the Sox involvement in the biggest scandal in sports history. Considering all that, over the past 100 years, both teams seem to be pretty even.

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