Posted by: toddzilla | April 12, 2007

Some things just say it all

I was strolling through the ol’ living room the other day and noticed a magazine on the end table and the title just struck me as a wonderful and brief synopsis of who I am.  So, in an uncharacteristically short post, I challenge my vast readership to comment on which magazine titles sum them up the best.

Oh yeah…the magazine title that best represents me:




  1. Taste of Home…that’s you…because you call me Mags.

  2. Mags-

    You always see things from a different perspective! Which is awesome…But I was actually going for “Simple & Delicious”…But I guess “Taste of Home” describes me too…that is if you grew up around people with Southern accents that cook tacos all the time.

  3. Country Weekly?

  4. For you I mean.

  5. A different perspective…hmmmmm…I guess that’s a good thing??

    Oh, I wasn’t going to say you are delicious. Your wife might get mad.

  6. Is there a magazine called Big Sexy? If so I have never read it or seen it, but I am sure I inspired it.

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