Posted by: toddzilla | April 9, 2007

My skillz are a bit cold…

It has been almost 3 weeks since I’ve posted on the ol’ blog!  I can’t believe it.  I apologize to my readers…both of them…I will try to make up for it with a bit of inspiration from the bastion of of unbiased media…NPR.  They had a story the other morning about how new software and internet connectivity has allowed self-proclaimed nerds to write and produce rap songs about their lifestyles.  It’s been dubbed Nerdcore.  The beats were totally lame and the rhythm was…well…”white” at best.  Not quite down to the level of “UNC home-crowd”  but close.  Granted, I can’t drop beats on ya’ via the internets…I can kick some dope rhymes.  I posted earlier about my days growing up in the Eastside T&C B-Town and how me and the Sweet Pickle Posse used to write rhymes during drafting class (yeah, we had skillz like that…to goof off cuz we had our drafting work tight son!).  Well, Imma bust it out semi-freestyle for your reading pleasure.  What should I drop knowledge about?  Hhhmmmm…We’ll throw a mix of current events in fo’ the homeys.  It’s like this:

It’s the S to the F…to the C

Droppin’ mad styles for you to read

AKA the T-O double-D

Give props to the SP Posse


Bush is still trippin’

The war is still slippin’

Romney don’t know…

His positions keep flippin’


Ready for the dash

Raisin’ mad cash

Check the polls…

McCain’s in last


Alberto Gonzalez

Needin’ some solace

I’m from B-Town

Run DMC is from Hollis


Emails ain’t matching what he said

Congressional Dems seeing red

Corruption all up in the Fed?

Fewer states are polling red


Now he’s a high flyer

Voters getting higher

Girl in the crowd…is a crier

Tell me why they vote: Sanjaya


I like Haley, the girl with the legs

She takes the stage turning heads

If you like talent, vote Melinda instead

If you don’t like her, then check your head


I’m so happy can’t you see

No new Grey’s Anatomy’s

One more thing I don’t hafta see

Can I have your autograph…Maggie?


That’s all I got this is hard to do

Without talking about honeys and who to shoot

No money talk, no cars to boot

Rhyming PG…that’s a tough route

Now how lame was that!?!  Geez…not exactly Snoop Dogg, but that’s hard to do without talking about shooting people and reppin’ hardcore!  Now I know why rap is so violent.  You put a back beat to a rhyme and you just feel the need to write about shooting something.



  1. Nice. Let’s see what I can do here ….

    I’m back, laying the smack
    All the way from the office desk
    Just sit back and enjoy the show
    I’ll drop rhymes that’ll make you groan.

    And that’s about all I’ve got. I tried doing some other lines, but they were so bad it would make Puff Daddy look like a lyrical genius instead of a music ripper offer.

  2. I have never heard Puff-P-Diddy described any better…he is a true “music ripper-offer”


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