Posted by: toddzilla | March 12, 2007

Wow! It’s Been Awhile…

Sorry for the lack of posts, but it’s been a busy week and I was stoked to be able to cap it off by throwing the ol’ baseball around with my wife while we had some steaks on the grill Saturday night.  Then some good friends showed up and we sat and talked for hours.  That’s a great cap to a hectic week, but I even managed to follow it up with a walk  in some beautiful spring-like weather!  Man I love NC!  Of course there was a NCSU/UNC ACC (wow that’s a lot of abbreviations) Championship game where my ‘Pack played with serious heart and gave the NCAA Evil Empire a run for its money.  I’m giddy with the feelings that maybe…just maybe…State is becoming relevant again…enough to revive the true ACC rivalry of State/UNC.  Duke/UNC is a media-stoked pseudo-rivalry that was spawned due to State’s post-probation dropoff and Coach K breathing life into Duke…who was nothing before then.  But I’m a realist and being a State fan (and Cubs fan), I have been nothing but beat down over the years and forgive me for being cynical.  So I will wait and see.  I am excited about El Sid Lowe!  He has the heart on the sideline and knows his X’s and O’s and how to get the team pumped.  Hopefully the recruiting and coaching recruited talent will fall into play as well.

 What else is going on…oh yeah!  Did you see where priests are being brought in to exorcise the places that Bush visits down in Latin America?  Wow!  Talk about rough foreign policy and a negative world view of the U.S.!  Granted Chavez has a lot to do with this and I think that he presents a formidable presence in an area that has fragile political infrastructure…another Castro?  Who knows?

I saw “300” this weekend with a bunch of the guys.  What a testosterone-inducing visual treat for the senses!  Even though it took great historical liberties, I enjoyed the movie.  It was a good guilty pleasure with a totally unnecessary sex scene thrown in, but at least it wasn’t a all-guys volleyball scene like Top Gun…ewwwww!  Still gives me the creeps.  But the real battle of Thermopylae is a treatise on military tactics and discipline. 

Well, I’ve really hit a bit of writer’s block this week, so I’m opening up the ol’ blog…Drop me a comment and let me know if there’s anything you want me to post on…as if…Besides, technically, I still have two posts open from the last time I opened up the blog (I can’t believe I posted on Hip-Hop culture and its effects on white kids and marriage(?)



  1. UNC-Duke is a media-created rivalry that is, sad to say, the rivalry now in basketball. Of course, that can all change in a heartbeat. A few years ago, it was UConn and Syracuse, and when UCLA was beating everyone it was UCLA vs. the World. There is a generation of college basketball fans that don’t remember State being a decent basketball program. For people my age, I was starting to watch sports around 87 and 88, State was starting to hit the fall and Duke was starting to make their runs. I can still remember watching Duke and thinking “wow, their cool.” Man, I feel dirty saying that now. Of course, if it wasn’t West Virginia in the old Atlantic 10, I wasn’t watching.

    Sidney Lowe is doing a great job. He needs to get out and recruit, which I don’t think will be difficult. I believe kids are going to want to play for Lowe, he seems to be having fun out there. Roy Williams looks like a stiff who wants to be mad and Coach K … well, one of these days I’m looking for him to turn into Bobby Knight.

    Chavez is a problem in South America and Latin America and with the failing health of Castro could become the next Castro for the United States. At least no one outside of his country takes him seriously. Well, the UN does, I believe, but that’s the UN.

    300 was awesome. ARUGH! ARUGH! ARUGH! The sex scene was a little much, as was the full moon over Greece. It’s going to be interesting to see how much the movie will bring it. It’s going to be a rare early spring Blockbuster.

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