Posted by: toddzilla | February 21, 2007

NFL Draft??? It’s time for the MFL Draft!

MFL being “My First Love”.

I was a part of my first fantasy football draft a couple of years ago and I didn’t catch the last word, so my first pick was of course, Linda Carter.  What a fantasy!  Then I found out that the whole deal was about football, so I had to make some quick adjustments.  Anyhoo, I didn’t do too good that year, but I managed to pull out a good run this year and it’s a wonderful feeling to win money off of preachers!  I’m sure that’s a sin, but anyway.  Time for the first MFL Draft!  Guys and gals post comments on your first crush growing up and we will put together the old school “Hotness” All-Star Team.  My three top contenders for reasons that will soon become obvious are the ladies that winked back at me through my TV screen in the good ol’ days of my impressionable youth.  The first gal on my draftboard being, of course  Wonder Woman herself, Linda Carter!


Sure the outfit looks a bit like a pair of Republican control-top pantyhose, but it’s always worked for me!  second on my draftboard would have to be a deep cut from my favorite live action sci-fi series Buck Rogers…the lovely Wilma Deering played by the lovelier Erin Gray!



Finally, there is the American classic…Who’s that girl with the Daisy Dukes on…Uh Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach)!


Of course all these ladies now take a back seat to my lovely wife (who is a real wonder woman), but back in the day…oh my!  In case you’re wondering, yes my wife knows all about my fascination with these ladies, but she also knows that she won out in the Todd-lottery…leaving a lot of broken-hearted ladies behind.  Sorry Linda, Daisy, Erin, and the countless others…

With all that in mind, I’m a sucker for those blue eyes and the old 1-800-Contacts commercials (not so fond of the concept of the “Lasso of truth”), but for the first overall pick of the 2007 MFL draft, Toddzilla will take Linda Carter!

 Who’s your pick?



  1. Oh this could be interesting.

    I would have to go off your board, mainly cause I’m the “youngin’,” though I will concur with Daisy Duke, a timeless beauty, she doesn’t make my board of top 3.

    Early 1990s version of Mariah Carey was probably my first big-time celebrity crush. She was a beauty with a voice. I thought “does every gal look this good, because that would be awesome!” Later versions of Mariah Carey taint the image, I agree.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt – Very attractive. Anytime “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” comes on, I can sit and watch the horrible train wreck that is that move just for her.

    Miss Elizabeth – Come on, Todd, you know whom I’m talking about. The former WWF manager who broke up the “Mega Powers” of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage with her Kentucky beauty and down home charm. She was attractive. Too bad her life ended on a sad note.

    My top draft choice, off my draft board, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    • 3+3^10 then you reach a when dasiy duke meats a wonder women and takes a wee trip down lane try to meet her cocaine then refrane

  2. Going back…

    David Soul (Hutch)
    Leif Garrett
    Andy Gibb

    Oh, the Tiger Beat Magazine days.

  3. Shannon- Good ol’ Jennifer Love Hewitt…JLH. Too late to be MFL for me, but is there a more polarizing actress? All guys love her (wonder why?) and all women despise her (my wife included). There is no in-between. Very nice pick! Very very nice pick…(hope my wife isn’t reading this). Oh, I definitely remember Miss Elizabeth…Macho Man coming into the ring with Pomp and Circumstance playing and Miss Elizabeth holding the ropes for him…OOH YEAH Brother!

    Mags-Hutch! He rocks…well except for that song he released…wow! Talk about stereotypical AM gold. Do you still feel the same way about ol’ Leif now? Wasn’t Andy Gibb the non-Bee-Gee Gibb brother?

    Great picks so far…keep ’em coming!

  4. Elizabeth Shue – Karate Kid, which was, btw, GB approved


  5. Don’t give up on us, baby…

    And another one hit wonder…Rex Smith. I think he was in an afterschool special.

    How about Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields…and she said nothing would get between her and her Calvins.

  6. How about:

    Alyssa Milano – Getting hotter all the time
    Tiffany Amber Thiesen – The Saved by the Bell Innocent version, not the slutty 90210 version (Alright I love them both)
    Tiffany – that mall tour was awesome
    Barbar Eden – It was the genie outfit, it got me everytime
    (Bye the way Todd, you stole my Linda Carter answer- she was my first true crush)

  7. Apparently I’m not as weird as I thought…I’ve talked with a handful of Linda Carter fans (that’s why I just HAD to pick her up early). Apparently, she’s the LDT of the MFL.

    Mags- Thanks for the Hutch song reset…a clip of it was on VH1 the other day (I think it was a one-hit wonder show…now I have the song stuck in my head…thanks. The worst part is, I only know that one line of the song! The only worse than getting a song stuck in your head is having one line of a song you don’t know stuck in your head!

    Greg-I hear you about some Tiffany Amber Theisen…oh my! Good call! Barbara Eden…I thought I was the only one that had a thing for her. We’re two sick individuals! With all my crushes, I guess I had too many adolescent-onset hormones. One thing I must know…was your post GB Approved?

  8. I concur on Tiffany Amber Thiesen and Alyssa Milano.

  9. I recall now that my husband had a poster of a blonde bombshell in an orange bathing suit hanging in his freshman dorm room. Nice. Dream on…and he got me. Ha!

  10. Thank you . you can see NFL fans shop

  11. It a battle of the Heather’s
    Heather Thomas of the Fall Guy fame ,what a sexy cocaine freak!
    Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee was a lucky basterd!
    Then across the pond the one hit wonder
    Samantha Fox because “Naughty girls need luv 2”.
    There’s Bobbi Brown from, the hair band Warrant and the single “Cherry Pie” nom nom! Christie Brinkley, Bo Derek, Barbie Benton who is the origional sex pot and the finest looking woman I have ever seen and I realised my high school dream of being in adult films and Barbie is the hottest ever, Hef was a lucky dood!

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