Posted by: toddzilla | February 13, 2007

Patches, I’m depending on you son

“I was born on a farm…way back up in the woods/I was so raggedy…folks used to call me Patches.”

So begins Clarence Carter’s (yes, that Clarence Carter)motivational masterpiece “Patches”.  If you ever need motivation or want to inspire others to achieve, then this is the song for you!  It tells the story of Patches and his father’s struggles and how Patches has to step up and take care of the family.  I urge you to find a copy and give it a listen and if you’re not ready to take on the world at the point in the song where he goes into:

“Every mo’ning ‘fore I went to school/I fed the chickens and I chopped wood too”

Well, then you’re not ready to “get it done”.  In my dorm at college we had the stereo hookup and I would throw Patches on the get ready to study or to get hyped up for a test.  It wasn’t long until guys were coming by and requesting it before their exams or intramural games or whatever.  Friends and guys who we didn’t really know would stop by…”hey can you play that song”?  Yes Patches is that powerful.

I had the privilege of leading a group of youth on a mission trip to Augusta Georgia and I thought I would mess with them a little bit and I played Patches on the way to the site one morning.  They were requesting it every morning and even in the afternoon on the trip back from the site.

So forget “We Will Rock You”, “Eye of the Tiger” (as if…), and “Final Countdown”…If you wanna throw down…load up “Patches” and let it ride!



  1. This song is a great song, it really details how the world has been for the past centuries. It made me cry one night when I was listening to it and it made me think about how my grandparents had to go through that and how will I myself will go through, not the same, but similar things in life. We all are sharecroppers. We all get up everyday and either go to school or go to work. We harvest this Earth every day and this song portrays that message in a way that could not be explained any other way. Thanks! Bye!

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