Posted by: toddzilla | February 8, 2007

Not-So Current Events and Baseball

I know I know…It’s been a couple of weeks, but this Cartoon Network, Boston bomb scare thing has me scratching my head.  Apparently, the terrorists have won!  Boston shut down for an entire day, basically because they found some “lite-brites” hanging on bridges and buildings.  I might could see the authorities mistaking these devices for bombs, though it is a loooong stretch.  Now Turner Broadcasting is actually compensating the city for the disturbance!  First off, the devices didn’t cause any issues in the other major metropolitan areas like New York, L.A., etc.  Secondly, the devices were in place for 2 weeks prior to being noticed!  I think Boston should refund the government all the federal aid for Homeland Security!  If the terrorists ever develop a detonator with a timer that can be set for less than two weeks, then Beantown is in serious trouble!  But then again, looking at the offseason moves of the Red Sox…it sounds like they are already there.

jesus_cubs.jpg Speaking of baseball…pitchers and catchers report in a couple of weeks!  I’m getting excited over here.  Of course my Cubbies have dropped $300 million(!) in the offseason for the likes of Alfonso Soriano and Ted Lilly et al.  As usual, all the talk is about this being “the year” for the Cubbies.  All that means is, if the Cubs do make the playoffs, then DVR it and watch it because something will happen that is unprecendented.  Something that will surely make baseball history along the lines of Bartman, Buckner, and something anti-Kirk Gibson.  But we all know that its not baseball season until Kerry Woods and Mark Prior are on the DL.



  1. The Cubs have spent a lot, but I want to see how the team works together with Pinella at the helm.

    I’m working about the Cardinals. We weren’t very active in the offseason and lost some players to Free Agency. Of course we weren’t active last year, and we win the whole thing, so what do I know.

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