Posted by: toddzilla | February 5, 2007

Big Sports Weekend…Wolfpack puts one on UNC and Super Bowl CSI

It was a big weekend for me as far as sports go.  What about that ‘Pack!  They let UNC have it and that was sweet to me.  As with all fanbases, you have fans that are gracious losers/winners and some that are sore winners/losers.  I have tried to keep my junk talk down  because UNC will probably return the favor later this month.  But one thing is certain in my mind…UNC fan can’t say anything about poor reff-ing or overlooking NCSU.  If they truly were looking past NCSU after the Wolfpack just knocked of VaTech who had handed UNC a defeat earlier, then that is their own fault…it would poor preparation, not and excuse.  I’m excited about Sydney Lowe.  I was on the fence about Sendek to the point that I was resigned to be third in the state as far as ACC programs go with UNC having Roy Williams and Duke having “K”.  But so far this year, Lowe has given NCSU something that I haven’t seen since Valvano and that’s heart!  Hopefully, he won’t give them the scandals too…but anyway.  Here’s to the ‘Pack and the return of the true UNC/NCSU rivalry!

Of course you had the super bowl and, what the heck, lemme break it down and perform the ol’ CSI.  My predictions to anyone who would listern weren’t too far off, with the major one being the Colts ability to run the ball.  I didn’t think that would happen.  The one prediction that did come true was that The Bears would only win if Grossman didn’t screw it up…and boy did he ever.  Now I’m not one who typically blames one player for the failure of a team, but the rest of the Bears played hard, but the Offense could not put together a sustained drive.  Sure the Bears didn’t run it enough, but the rest of the onus was on Rex.  I think the Bears D should be commended for the fact that Indy stomped them on time-of-possession, yardage and first downs, but the Bears were still in the game by only being down 5 with 12 minutes left.  Indy dominated the stats, but could not score in the red zone.  All Chicago needed was a few first downs and a rest for the D and one good late-game offensive TD.  Oh well.  Congratulations to the Colts, I am actually happy that Manning won the big one because I’m tired of all the “Marino” talk.  I did predict the Hester TD, but not that early!  I did miss on the fact that Chicago didn’t score a rushing TD.  Oh well, enough of that horse…its pretty dead now.  Hopefully, my Bears will get some QB talent in to challenge Grossman’s starting job next year.


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