Posted by: toddzilla | January 30, 2007

Super Bowl Hype #2…Haiku

Yes I  know…I stole this idea from my buddy Derr (and he stole it from Jim Rome I’m sure) but here it is…to add to the hype machine that we just can’t get enough of…Super Bowl Haiku…

Chicago great town/Indianapolis not/Da’ Bears Big Bear Bus

Peyton “Marino”/Is a monkey on his back?/will be there Monday

Colts offensive threat/Dallas Clark has been real good/Meet B. Urlacher

No socks sleeves rolled up/Miami Vice was real cool/Slow motion gunfights

Can Da’ Bears win it/Grossman is a big concern/please don’t make mistakes

1985/Superbowl shuffle was cool/Walt “Sweetness” Payton

Do you find it odd/Peyton and Walter Payton/similar names huh

Blue and white helmets/looks like they were kicked by horse/on both sides of head

Belichik classless/glad he’s not in Super Bowl/Colts finally won

Colts in the big game/now their chance to win trophy/new Buffalo Bills

There you have it!  More hype!  I tried to count them all out, but feel free to check behind me.  Show me your artistic skills and drop some haikus on me!


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