Posted by: toddzilla | January 29, 2007

Who Has the Best/Worst NFL Uniforms?

I was watching the Bears/Saints game last week and realized how simple the uniforms were, yet how iconic.  Especially Chicago’s unis.  I thought, no new expansion team would come out these days and just use the letter of their hometown as their helmet design.  Look at the last few expansion teams…The Carolina Panthers and The J-Ville Jaguars have their mascot with Carolina’s being plain goofy-looking and J-Ville’s being a bit overdone.  Then you have the Texans with a Lonestar Bull’s head!?!  Tennesse has the “Flaming Thumbtack”.  Then you have teams like the Patriots changing from the iconic minuteman in a 3-point stance to what Gregg Easterbrook calls the “Flyin’ Elvis”.  Tampa Bay did the same thing and coincidentally, both teams started to excel afterwards, but Tampa soon returned to their losing ways.  Anyway, I’m a fan of the simple understated old-school designs.

Tell me what you think are the best  Uni designs in the NFL.  What are the worst?  Me…I like the Bears simplicity and color choices and I like the Redskins get-ups too.  I can’t figure out the Browns (their helmets are orange?) and well the Bengals…They have to be, consistently, the ugliest unis over the years.

You know…maybe I’ll do this again when Baseball gets going.



  1. I think ESPN talked about this recently on Page 2 and I have to agree with some of their selections.

    You can’t go wrong with the Steelers, 49ers, Bears or Colts as far as uniforms go in the NFL.

    The worst I believe is the Texans, Broncos, Patriots, Tampa Bay, Bengals, and the Ravens. I don’t like the whole World League type design.

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