Posted by: toddzilla | January 26, 2007

Parachutes, Mountain Lions, and Sean Salisbury

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Belgian love triangle disaster where the wife (or steady girlfriend…I can’t remember) was killed by the mistress who…allegedly…cut her chute cords sending her to her gruesome death.  Yikes!  That’s some serious stuff there.  I asked my wife if she would be willing to kill somebody for me.  She promptly informed me that if there ever was another gal…I would be the one she would go after.  Geez!  That would involve holding ME responsible for my actions!  Life is so unfair sometimes.  Look at the Springer show…typically there is one dude rolling with two ladies…one on the side.  When his wife or prime girlfriend finds out, what does she do?  She goes after the other girl!?!  I never understood this.  Why not go after the dude?  Anyway…

The other news item involved a 65 year old lady beating a mountain lion off of her husband!  The guy’s head was in the lion’s mouth and she beat the lion off with a stick!  I can only imagine what would happen if you mixed the two stories here and the 65 year old lady found a woman messing with her man!  That would be ugly.

 Finally, Sean Salisbury has been misbehaving (I’ll leave it at that) and got in trouble at the “Ocho”…then the next week he gets on one of his fast-talking rants about football and unleashes what could be construed at an anti-semitic blast on air.  Here’s a link:

I am no Sean Salisbury fan…in fact I can’t figure out why he’s even doing football commentary.  All I seem to remember of his pro career was him digging turf out his mask from being sacked 10 times in a game.  How can he provide commentary on football when he spent most of his career staring at the turf?  Salisbury better hope that the people reviewing the tape from his tirade are the same refs who reviewed the timekeeping of the Duke/Clemson game.  I don’t know what Harold Reynolds did to get fired from the “Ocho”, but it must have been bad!



  1. I’m not a fan of Sean Salisbury either. I was a fan of Harold Reynolds. If Salisbury (a horrible analyst and player) can remain at ESPN for what he’s alleged to have done, then what in the world did Reynolds do?

    As for the refs at the Duke-Clemson game, they should be suspended. Even in wrestling training, we’re reminded how to count to five. I’m sure the basketball officials are the same. Pathetic display of home cooking.

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