Posted by: toddzilla | January 24, 2007

Have You Ever Been to Electric Sellout-Land


I remember seeing his picture on the cover of Guitar World back in 1989.  Something looked weird besides the ‘fro and the Napoleonic era jacket.  His guitar was backwards!  He’s a lefty.  My brother introduced me to rock when he brought home Zeppelin’s fourth album on LP…yes, I’ve been around a while.  Zep blew my mind and made me want to play guitar.  Seeing Hendrix on that mag cover and being lefthanded myself…well he was a shoo-in to be my guitar idol.  Little did I know that I had picked the best.  It’s a let down when your idol is dead and he’s the best because you can’t find any other artist to get your fix for new stuff.  I found Stevie Ray Vaughan (we share the same last name…almost), but soon after I started digging his stuff…he hits a mountain in his helicopter.  But anyway, that’s not the point of this post (I have to work on keeping these things short).  Here’s a link where my first guitar idol has finally sold-out posthumously:

Yes they are coming out with Jimi Hendrix energy drinks.  Geez!  First in the 90’s MCA bought the rights to Hendrix’s estate and I was stoked that I would get to hear some of his vault recordings.  then I found out that MCA edited Larry Lee’s solo from Hendrix’s Woodstock performance (granted it wasn’t the best, but don’t mess with history), then MCA edited and dubbed another drummer’s licks over Mitch Mitchell’s on the “Voodoo Soup” release.  Then “Experience Hendrix” buys the rights back from MCA and re-re-releases the albums back with their original cover artwork and I’m stoked again only to receive a catalog in the mail with Hendrix watches, Christmas ornaments, lava lamps, and other junk.  Now he has an energy drink.  I guess Hendrix could have used it when he was sucking orange wedges to overcome the flu and probably some illicit drugs to take the stage pre-dawn at Woodstock to let loose one of the greatest sets ever.  Hendrix is great!  I love his live stuff because its always different.  If you don’t know him…check him out, but don’t limit yourself to the overexposed “Are You Experienced” album.  be sure to work into “Electric Ladyland” and his live stuff like “Live at the Fillmore East” (with his Gypsy Sun and Rainbows lineup), and “Live at Woodstock”.  Set aside time to be able to listen to the straight set of “Voodoo Child” to “Star Spangled Banner” to “Purple Haze” to the chilled out “Villanova Junction”.  It’s 30 to 45 minutes of straight jamming!  Sure, “Voodoo Child” gets a little tedious during the middle.  Hendrix even tells the crowd that they can leave, he’s almost finished.  I feel sorry for anybody that left. 

So, I hold my “Liquid Experience” up and toast…here’s to you Jimi and the people who have mishandled your legacy.



  1. Like many Are You Experienced was my first Jimi experience. My thoughts were this guy has issues. First song is Purple Haze which has to be about drugs, second is Manic Depression, and then Hey Joe about shooting yo’ woman down. That is some messed up, pure Rock awesomeness.

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