Posted by: toddzilla | January 22, 2007

NFL Playoff CSI and Super Bowl Thoughts

Wow!  What a game last night!  The Colts are finally going to the big game to take on my Bears.  Here’s my take on the games last night.

The thriller…Pats/Colts-The Colts finally decided that if they can get 4-5 yards per carry…they can run the ball more.  It lets them take over the pace of the game and keeps Brady and Bellichik’s gameplan off the field.  Granted the Pats pass defense (especially Seymour) was sick with all the passes they were breaking up!  The key moments of the game were Caldwell’s drops, the fact that the Colts didn’t go into panic mode and start passing throughout the second half, and that 12-man huddle penalty that kept the Pats from getting their crucial late-game 1st down.  Its hard for me to believe that the team that seems to have that golden horseshoe up their…well you know…gave the game away with that 12-man penalty and then the roughing the passer call that put the Colts halfway to the goal line after an impressive catch.  Penalties killed the Pats 2 minute drill.  Great game for both teams the Pats exceeded expectations for this year and the Colts finally overcame their mental block with the Pats in the playoffs.  What a comeback from being down 18-3.

Bears/Saints-Rex Grossman just looks like he has the football mentality of a child out there.  It’s so scary to Bears fan, but the key is…the Bears D was so good that Grossman only had to have one decent drive to win it.  that says a lot to me.  Their D can be incredible to the point that Grossman just has to avoid a total meltdown.

Super Bowl thoughts…I think everyone is dismissing the Bears early and D wins championships.  as much as I hate to admit it, I think Grossman is the key.  Chicago can’t really beat the Colts with a defensive scheme, Manning runs the show enough at the line ot overcome defensive changes (save for the Steelers playoof game last year).  So I think the Bears D will show up in force and force the Colts to play hard.  The key is what the Colts D can do to make Grossman mess up.  The Bears defused a very high-powered offense in the Saints and exploited their weak D.  Will the Colts D allow Grossman to cruise or will they force him to be…well Grossman?  I think the Bears D will make this a closer game than they are being given credit for, plus the Colts may be drinking the AFC kool-aid and go in overconfident.  Look at the World Series…everyone hyped it as being the AL versus the AAAA NL.  Look what happened there…The Cardinals won…yes..the Cardinals!

Here’s to a good Super Bowl…I think my wife is pulling for Manning and his Colts.  It will be interesting.  To quote SNL…who wins the Indy 500?  Ditka…in a big Bear bus!



  1. I’m still enjoying that Cardinals victory, by the way. Perhaps I may even make it to a game in St. Louis this fall once I’m in Kentucky. Perhaps.

    As for the Super Bowl, I think the Bears get juiced for thinking that people are looking past them. I heard some of the post game comments that said they were being overlooked in the game and what not. I don’t know if they were being overlooked, but I think people do see Rex Grossman as being a serious question mark out there for them. Of course, he’s the only quarterback not to throw an INT this weekend, so give that to his credit.

    The Bears have a shot, but I don’t know if that defense can play with the Colts offense. What will help the Bears is that the game is on natural turf so that will slow the Colts down somewhat. But speed doesn’t matter if Manning is accurate as he was in the fourth quarter yesterday throughout the entire Super Bowl.

    My gut feeling is that this will be a good game, a better game than a Colts-Saints or any of the other combinations. I’m actually glad, even though I picked the Saints to win, that they didn’t win. I don’t think the American public could have withstood two weeks of Super Bowl hype involving those two teams.

  2. Shannon-Great points! Especially the turf. I noticed several slip-ups during the first half of the Bears game and it was always a Saints player slipping! But I doubt the turf in Miami will be as rough as at Soldier field…but a dome team has never won it all.

    Great stat about Grossman not throwing an INT, but I don’t think he even tried to thread one in a tight spot, which was good after he 0 for 4 to start the game.

    You’re right about the Saints hype…it would have been miserable! They are a great story this year and I don’t want to take away from that, but the blitz would have been unbearable. I’m already tired of the Manning-Monkey talk!

  3. Peyton is awesome. The Colts are the best and I think they should roll over those Bears. Todd, I really think that maybe we should spend minimal time together these next couple of weeks because I may have to open a can of whoop. Tell Cheryl that she can come watch the big game with me. You are not invited, because if you talk trash I will go ape on you. P Manning is so wonderful. I love the Colts. But the best part of the whole thing, which we both agree on, is that Brady wonder boy went home without a ring, yet again. Finally, my prayers have been answered, Colts are heading to the Superbowl. Word!

  4. Todd, do we need Stat Boy Tony Reali for your blog.

    The Rams were a Dome team when they defeated the Titans.

  5. Sarah-Holy Cow! Have you been calling in to the Rome Show? Great smack! Please don’t “go ape on me”. I think we can get along! Of course, now I have to bring some junk back…You’re welcome to have my wife come over to watch the game. You two can wear your championship shirts…She has almost the same one that you’re going to get…AFC Champions. But hers has the Bills on it and I still laugh at her everytime she wears it. You can wear yours and I’ll sport my Bears Super Bowl one in a couple of weeks (I gotta give ya’ a hard time all in good fun, right? Please don’t go ape on me…Please).

    Vinny Testaverde’s still in the league…to be sure Lovie Smith can sign Jim McMahon…right? Please!?!

    Oh yeah…Shannon…Thanks Stat Boy. Geez! Picky Picky! I think that the superhuman athleticism of one Torry Holt of THEE N. C. State University overcame the dome curse. Indy just doesn’t have that kind of player with that kind of aura.

  6. Cheryl actually wears a Buffalo Bills AFC Champions shirt? Is the City of Buffalo that hard up that they actually recognize losing with a shirt?

    And Sarah go ape all you want, just remember this game is not a lock. Remember the Curse of the Ohio State. He who believes game is in the bag, is destined to lose the game.

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