Posted by: toddzilla | January 16, 2007

Love/Hate TV…I Love/Hate “Idol”…I Love/Hate my DVR

American Idol starts tonight! Suh-Weet!!!  I love that show when its in the beginning rounds and I absolutely despise it when it gets to Hollywood!  Then they cap it off with a two hour finale when all thye have to do is announce who won and let ’em sing.  Its like the Super bowl pre-game show.  Its too much.  I got an idea for Fox.  Combine two shows for a winner…take the folks who obivously can’t sing and get cut in the first rounds of Idol, then track down the people that actually told them that they can sing…then send Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris out to round them up and send them to Gitmo.  Fox loves Gitmo don’t they?

Network TV stinks.  There are no shows that I can think of that I absolutely follow save for some comedies.  My favorite being Family Guy, The Simpsons, Two and a Half Men.  Other than that…give me syndication and the History Channel and Cartoon Network (Venture Brothers Rocks!).  That’s why I love/hate my DVR.  I love that I don’t have to stay up till midnight to catch Venture Brothers or Robot Chicken…but I checked out our “Series Manager” on the DVR this week and, to be honest, the shows that my wife has set up to record automatically are just…depressing.   Alfred Nobel and Hiram Maxim respectively invented TNT and the machine gun thinking they were going to bring peace to the world.  Afterall, who would send men against such powerful killing machines?  One “Great War” and millions of bodies later…well, they missed the mark.  I guess its the ol’ Road to Hell/Good intentions phenomenom.  Well, I’m sure that the inventor of the DVR thought the same.  With this technology…mankind will be able to record late-night editions of “Whacked Out Sports” and view them at anytime.  Man can go to church and the playoff game will be at home waiting for him.  It’s the Audio/Visual version of a hot dinner being on the table when you get home…every man’s dream.  But, no…the technology got in the wrong hands and now I’m staring at this list on my DVR’s series manager:

“Lost”-If people are gonna be stranded on an island, I want more Ginger, Maryanne, and coconut radios and less black clouds, polar bears, and guns.  How many people on that plane had guns!?!  Of course the deserted island is crawling with AK’s!

“Grey’s Anatomy”-When I think of going to the hospital and the fact that apparently doctors and nurses sleep with anything that moves…I get chills.  I no longer feel clean.  Please don’t put me under…the chief may have an affair with my wife.  I hate to think what the surgeon is doing while I’m cracked open!  Oh yeah, is it me or do they pull out the old “Moonlighting” vaseline camera lens when they show Dr. Grey?  Oh well.

Flava of Love-Oh nevermind that show rocks!

Any Lifetime movie…’nuff said.

How could something that brings me “Afro Samurai” also leave me with “House”???  Why!?!  I feel so dirty.



  1. You need to take control of your DVR.

    My DVR is simply programed – funny or drama. Take your pick.

    West Wing reruns – Even a conservative can appreciate the writing and acting that made this series. I didn’t get hooked on the show until the end, but now I enjoy watching the reruns.

    Scrubs, The Office, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Earl, The Class – Funny stuff.

    Friday Night Lights – I really enjoy this show. More people should. You should as well.

    NCIS – Combine the military and Law and Order and we have a winner.

    Any WVU related sporting event. Would you expect anything less?

  2. Todd,

    Is Cheryl making you watch these shows? Are you forced to watch them night after night? Stop complaining or I will let Cheryl hold Logan every Sunday at church!! We were saved with two DVRs. This way I don’t have to listen to Greg’s tremendous sighs when I watch something. Gotta love the things that make marriage work!


  3. OH SNAP!-I’ve been reprimanded!

    Gretchen-Thanks for the comment! I don’t see you commenting very often so I am very honored. I must have touched a nerve, though. Which of those shows is your favorite? I bet its Greys Anatomy isn’t it? Or is it Lifetime movies? Say it ain’t so…not Lifetime!

    Cheryl doesn’t “make” me watch them, but she does tell that she wants me to. then she gives me puppy-dog eyes and I can’t resist…until about 15 minutes. I can actually stomach Greys Anatomy to a point. but Lost…no way! I sat through some of the first shows, but the polar bear really wore on me. I fell for the puppy-dog eyes one more time, until the black cloud showed up and I haven’t watched it since. They’re into the Star Trek “red-shirt guy” phase where they introduce a character then kill them off. Granted you didn’t even know Red Shirt Guy’s name…Lost does let you get to know them just enough to care before they get Black Clouded or whatever. I think green alien chicks are the next step for Lost.

    Tell me what shows make Greg sigh! Would love to know!

  4. I would too.

  5. Todd,

    I agree about Lost, which I have NO love for at all. I do enjoy Grey’s Anatomy, which I think is very clever. Seriously! I avoid Lifetime like the plauge.

    Greg hates it when I rewatch shows. I’m addicted to Gilmore Girls and Everwood. I think Gilmore Girls is one of the most brilliant shows on TV. I will let the mocking begin about that particular statement. 🙂

  6. Gilmore Girls? I seriously had to look it up to see what it was about and I still couldn’t tell you other than two girls sitting on a couch. Hopefully, there is more to it than that. I mean I could think of better shows to watch – CSPAN comes to mind.:D

  7. I’m with you, Gretchen. Gilmore Girls is brilliant. Shannon, it’s definitely geared toward women, but quite clever and witty… you should check it out. And Grey’s Anatomy… only the best show on TV. I’ve also started watching “24” this season and I’m already hooked – it may not be realistic, according to Shannon, but Jack Bauer is HOT. Todd, I love your blog.

  8. Sarah- Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you keep posting. But…Oh my dear!…do you realize that you just verbally cheated on your man Peyton!?! Now he’s gonna throw 4 INT’s because he’s heartbroken…I hope you’re happy!

    Jack Bauer is hot? With that hermit beard and biting people in the neck? Hmmmm let’s see you got Peyton with the black mustache and Bauer with the beard…I think I see a pattern here.

    I can’t really talk about Gilmore Girls because I haven’t really watched it. Well I watched about 5 minutes…Don’t know About the “brilliance” of the show, but the acting was awful!

    FYI Gretchen-I watched Grey’s with my wife last night…well I read a book while she watched it…she bawled through the last half hour! Why do gals do that to themselves? Also, is there a major character on that show that hasn’t slept with at least 2 other characters?

  9. Sarah- Thanks for backing me up on Gilmore Girls!

    Todd, I love all the pop culture references and the witty back and forth. I don’t think the acting is terrible, but we can have differing opinions. 🙂 Oh, and Dr. Baily on Grey’s has only ever slept with her husband.

  10. That last comment was posted by Gretchen, logged in as Greg. He does not have the love affair with Gilmore Girls I do. Didn’t want to ruin his rep!

  11. Man, I was so wanting that comment to be from Greg. That would’ve been legendary.

  12. Okay, it is about time I responded to my husband’s blog. First of all, don’t let him fool you. He does hate LOST, but he doesn’t mind watching Grey’s Anatomy. I remember when I was catching up on the first 2 seasons and we saw an episode where there was a bazooka shell in a man’s body. Well, Todd actually requested to see the following episode! Also, there are not any Lifetime movies scheduled on our DVR.
    I do love Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother. I like LOST too, just not as much. And actually, Todd is glad we have the DVR for LOST because then I can tape it and watch it later so he doesn’t even have to be around when it is on. Gretchen, I do like Gilmore Girls too, but I’ve lost touch with it.

    Just to get some sympathy…..
    Todd DVR’s are: AFRO Samurai (not even sure what that is)
    Pants off Dance off (some dance show where they actually strip down… but they blur everything)
    Robot Chicken
    Venture Brothers

  13. Hold on a minute now…time to defend myself a little here….Pants off Dance off was a one-time recording so I could see how Jodie Sweeten’s held up since her days on Full House…that’s all…Geez! This is what happens when your wife gets to the computer!

  14. Wait Jodie Sweeten? Stephanie? How Rude!

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