Posted by: toddzilla | January 16, 2007

A Few Random Thoughts…aka…You Heard it Here First

*****NCSU…Here they come baby!

My pack put together their first conference win over the hurting Wake Forest Deacs.  Here begins the ‘Pack’s return to dominance…well they never were really dominant…maybe this should be called their return to relevance.  Yeah that’s it, you heard it here first.  The ‘Pack is returning to relevance…shake and bake!  That just happened!  That just happened!

*****NFL playoffs

Am I the only one that is sick of the Patriots?  When McCree fumbled the ball…no to be honest, I knew this when I saw the tip of the ball inder his elbow when he was carrying it.  I knew he wasn’t protecting it and his awkward move in front of the Pat…I knew it then.  I told my wife after the Pats had recovered the fumble that the show’s over.  We might as well gear up to watch the commercials because the Pats have won another Super Bowl…again, you heard it here first.  Who’s gonna stop ’em?  The Colts??? That’s good for a laugh.  The Saints?  Not enough D?  The Bears…my team…nah, they have too many weaknesses in the Offense.  I mean their run depends on Rex Grossman…the Fredo of the NFL!  If they face New England in the Super Bowl…he better say his Hail Mary’s  before New England plugs him in the fishing boat.  Oh that would be payback for the massacre in 1985.    So here’s to the same old same old.  A solid week of Manning vs. Brady hype and “This is OOOOUUUURRRR Country” and plugs for “24” on Fox…the most unrealistic and ready to be pulled show on TV (next to “Lost”).  When does spring training start…oh wait…that means I have to listen to all the Red Sox fans!  They should change their names to the New England Yankees…$50 million to talk to a pitcher???


This is the beginning of the actual apex of the “Shunning of Bush”.  I saw it in the campaigning for the mid-term elections.  Dubya’s wheels have come off enough to where voters and fellow Republicans finally see that the Emperor has no clothes.  Let the dissociation begin!  To continue the allusion…Dubya will become the conservative’s Fredo.  Advice for him and Rex Grossman…don’t go fishing!  Up until November, it was perfectly okay to vote for deficit spending, to send more troops, and use 9/11 as an excuse to push any agenda.  Now the voters have spoken and these things are taboo, along with Bush.  Don’t expect to see him on too many campaigning stops in ’08.  Expect Republican presidential candidates to treat him like the plague and then pull a Clinton in reverse and use the Democrat’s platform against them to win the presidential election.  You heard it here first!  Oh yeah, the Pats will win the Super Bowl in ’08 too.

Well I guess I’ve spouted off enough for one post…What do you think?



  1. NCSU: Needs another year of solid recruiting before it can become a factor in the ACC. They’ll play on the first day of the ACC tournament, but the depth will really hurt them against quality teams like UNC, Duke, Clemson (did I just say that), Maryland, etc. The one NCSU game I went to this year, against Alabama, I was really impressed with their guts and how they came back in the end when Alabama had put the car in cruise control. I was more impressed with their play in that game than I was the WVU game, the only other time I’ve seen them play this year.

    Playoffs….Playoffs: The only game worth watching this weekend is the Patriots vs the Colts. That’s it. End of story. I am not going to waste my time with the NFC title game and I’m a NFC fan. Neither of those teams – the Bears and the Saints – are on the same level of the Patriots or Colts. The Patriots and Colts remind me a lot of the old 49ers-Cowboys title tilts from the 1980s and 1990s. Whoever won was going to get the AFC patsy likely in the form of Boomer, Elway, or Kelly.

    As for this week’s game, I think the Colts have a chance, a better chance than they did if they were going up against the Chargers. Having the game at home will help, but the defense has to play another inspired game, as they have the last two weeks. But, Manning has to step up and get the passing game going. I’m going with a close one, but I’m not ready for the prediction yet.

    Politics: I think the wheels were starting to come off Bush long before the 2006 mid-terms, especially with conservatives. If Bush had a primary opponent in 2004, it might have been interesting. I would have voted for the opponent and voted for Bush only because Kerry was well .. scary. Bush has never been a conservative. He has spent too much money and his foreign policy decisions leave a lot to be desired. Bush let the wheels come off and he’s never been able to replace it.

    I blame the Republican Party a lot for this, as do I Bush. It got power hungry and when a political party gets power hungry you are in for a load of hurt. I’m a conservative who doesn’t belong in the Republican Party, because the party is as much about big government as the Democratic Party. When you spend to the levels that we have as a country, something has to give. There are some conservatives who wouldn’t say anything about it because, as Charlotte’s Keith Larson would tell you, it’s all about the team color on the front of the jersey for many in politics.

    I could care less if you’re libertarian, democrat, republican, just as long as you have the best interest of the country and its citizens at heart when you go to Congress.

    In conclusion, when we look at President Bush’s legacy 20 to 30 years from now, which provides a cooler reaction and look at his presidency (remember Truman was considered a failure when he left office and is now heralded for his leadership) it will be one that showed leadership when the country needed it, but failed on many policy arenas.

  2. Oh yeah, the wheels have been coming off of bush’s train for a while, but I think we’re about to witness Republican candidates totally turning hteir backs on him…maybe even speaking out against his policies. Both parties are guilty of this fact…they care more about what the hot topic is and the current voter trends rather than setting up a solid platform and sticking to it. Granted, you must be opened minded and willing to hear all sides to a story…it just seems that politicos are waving in the wind of what’s hot at the time. Religion in ’04, leaving Iraq in ’06. Who knows what the hot issue will be in ’08, but I’ve got a feeling that the Dems aren’t going to make enough of a difference or chart a solid enough course to obtain the presidency in ’08. Its kinda fruitless, like trying to guess college football’s top 10 for next year even though, odds are, it will have little to no factor on wins it all!

  3. Just remember one key fact about politics – the game changes often and 2008 doesn’t get interesting until September of 2008, when people start paying attention. Also the hot candidates in the year before rarely keep momentum long enough to win the presidency the following the year.

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